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First DMT trip Options
#1 Posted : 9/10/2023 5:36:24 PM

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I had my first trip with DMT last night and just wanted to share what I experienced and what thoughts any of you may have about it.

After taking the third hit, I closed my eyes and was in a room sitting down facing away from a table. I was observing a masculine figure and feminine figure's interaction. The masculine was on my left sitting and the feminine was standing on my right. She asked him if he could please leave very kindly with the motion of her arm. He left out the door. Then she walked so that I was now facing towards the center of the table, motioned with her arm and hand towards what/whom was at the table. There were other feminine figures sitting at the table with me. Not entirely sure how many, maybe 4-5.

The whole environment was a yellow glowing color. The beings were the same color but I could still make out their shape. Same as the table. They were human like, she had a larger more oblonged head rounded on top but looked proportionate. With slightler larger eyes but soft and not buggy looking. Her whole shape was the same color though.

Now I'm gonna do my best at describing what I felt from here on out with the first words that come to mind when I came back down. May or may not be the right words but it's what I got. Lol.

The feminine figure standing was the only one communicating with me. Not through words but through feelings. She was very graceful in her movement, flowing. When she motioned with her arm she lovingly said "Welcome. This is it." She was communicating to me something. I got the feeling that they were welcoming me into something. Something obviously larger than myself. I felt like she offered me something. She was telling me that now that I know/am aware, I need to carry it out onward. I have no idea what this "it" is. But when I was there I completely understood what she was telling me and that I had something to do. I accepted it. Again I don't know exactly what I accepted but I did. But I know that there's something that I am a part of and need to fulfill. I was feeling intense emotions while she was communicating. From them welcoming me and then her communicating to me what I was a part of. I was feeling hurt, emotional pain at some point. I started to tear up. Kind of like watching someone you love go through something difficult but you know there's not much you can do except love them and watch them grow from it. Then she led me out the door. Her hand pushing it open. I entered into a black space as her arm wisped away.

I opened my eyes. Looking out at my environment. There was small hexagonal fractals with a small circle in the middle all around connected together. The ground completely alive, moving like there were worms dancings, snake like movement near the base of the trees, leaves very vibrant. I heard the birds very clearly and I could hear some kind of song, very beautiful, it would come in and out. The word that came to mind when I heard it was icaro, a shamans song. I was overcome with intense emotion and started crying. And was quickly reminded that I'm still in human form when I came back and was shivering.

I came down. I feel like there's some bigger purpose I'm here to do. That I am a part of of something but I have no idea what it is. (It's not the first time I've felt this way. first time was after a crazy journey I had when dreaming.) I know that I accepted something and understood at the moment what it was but now that I'm back in this physical realm I don't know exactly what it is. I want to say it's just to love but man I was feeling something way bigger than love.

The only thing that keeps ringing in my head is Trust. Be patient. Trust that these spirits are leading me to where I need to be. Be patient that they will present to you what you need when it's time. Be present.

So yeah I'm pretty fricken mind blown about my first experience. I don't completely understand it all. All I feel is very thankful that I was so welcomed into their space. If you have any thoughts I would love to hear them.

Much love! Thank you.

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#2 Posted : 9/11/2023 12:30:34 AM

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Welcome to the Nexus, Very happy.

That was a great experience report. I really enjoyed reading it and thank you for sharing.

Wow, what a profound first experience with the spice. Your descriptions of the visuals were great but I really enjoyed your discussion of the feelings.

What really brought it home for me and made me not want to do anything but praise and cheer was your ending, your conclusion. Perfect.

I think as long as you keep things in perspective, like you did at the end of your report here, that DMT will be a good ally to you. I would suggest you begin regular journalling.

Again, a warm welcome to you and thank you.
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#3 Posted : 9/11/2023 3:56:02 AM

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Very nice report, thanks for sharing!
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#4 Posted : 9/12/2023 8:08:16 PM

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Thank you guys I try to do my best.

Pandora, I love your trip Hyperspace loves you Very happy And I'm glad to read your psychedelic experiences. Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your reply.

Yeah, it was a nice trip. I want to do DMT again, but I feel I'm not ready yet, still digesting my last experience.

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