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How long does prepared ayahuasca "stay good" (shelf life) Options
#1 Posted : 9/9/2023 11:53:34 PM

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SWIM is considering boiling everything he has and putting it in 1 liter bottle.

Online there is a bottle specific for that purpose being sold, and even if empty it is still nice a nice decoration.

SWIM has calculated, there should be about 35-40 single doses left, so about 17-20 trips.

Which brings me to my question.

How long does prepared aya stay good?

SWIM trips about once a month, so it could take two years to get it empty.

SWIM is also not against using preservatives, but would prefer to keep the brew "naturally" preserved, with the help of vinegar or lemon juice, and other admixtures that are not psychoactive but could help (stuff like, ginger, limonene, lemon balm)


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#2 Posted : 9/10/2023 12:00:03 AM


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If you freeze it, it should last more or less indefinitely. Just fridging it, I probably wouldn't want to keep it over about 2-3 weeks. You could add ethanol as a preservative, but ayahol might not be the best idea.
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#3 Posted : 9/10/2023 12:10:33 AM

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Benzoates, sorbates, sulphites... the list of preservatives could go on and on...

Another alternative would be to put the brew in a preserving jar and heat-sterilize it, much as antichode does with cactus tea here. As long as the vessel remains sealed it should keep for a good long while too.

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#4 Posted : 9/10/2023 8:03:01 AM

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The sugars in caapi help for preservation.

Rue is extra antibacterial and preserves itself pretty well too.

Sealed properly, in the fridge it has the potential to last a few months.

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#5 Posted : 10/20/2023 1:24:22 AM

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I have some that is in small stoppered bottles, not refrigerated that still have some potency after several years. I'm guessing they lost 50% potency from original though.

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#6 Posted : 10/20/2023 3:50:41 PM

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Hi !

I have my Ayahuaska honey prepared 3 years ago into the amazon rainforest, inside my fridge, in super good conditions, the efect is normal, the strenght is clean, with any mold or mushroom, or visible bacterias ... so, if you reduce your brew, maybe it should be great.

I don't know nothing about, just my reality here is that, and before that one that I have now, I had another quantity, in the same conditions, for arround 2 years.. maybe the low quantity of water inside the concoction helps to keep out the fermentation
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