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#1 Posted : 9/6/2023 11:19:36 AM

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Hello everyone!

I've been always fascinated by DMT and the stories the people explained back from their trips, but I never had anyone in my real life who was interested in it, so for me, it was just an online fascination.

Recently I've been dipping my toes again in the psychedelic world, after some years away from these divine molecules so I decided the time to try DMT had arrived.

I had my vendors from the deep web already picked but before doing the buy, kept coming to this forum from Google, for things like "what differences exist between yellow or white DMT", "information about dosages", "how to reagent DMT" and such. Fast forward a couple of weeks, this forum made its magic and instead of deep-web DMT, I just received my MHRB, as well as proper lab and protection equipment to perform my first extraction, for my first time trying the molecule.

I usually don't partake in online forums. I might do as a reader when researching a topic, but that's it. After some intensive reading in this forum for a whole week, yesterday I had to register just to say Thank you to all of you. It's not only about the quality of the information, but reading the attitude page, or the health and safety page resonated so much with myself and my values. In the toxic internet of Today's world, it's been so wonderful to find a community so focused on transmitting good values, critical thinking, and respect (and again, amazing quality content).

So yeah, thank you to all of you that have made this possible. I hope to keep learning from you for many years, and hopefully even provide myself help to someone eventually.

Love to everyone.

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#2 Posted : 9/6/2023 1:02:58 PM

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Thank you for being open to the information! I think the Nexus has acomplished its goal if it made you realize that we don't depend on the black market to procure our divine molecule.

If I understood correctly, you haven't performed your extraction yet, right? I hope it goes pretty well and you can get to try DMT whenever it's the appropiate time. You'll probably think that It was way easier than it seemed.

Have you thought about the ROA you're gonna use? If you haven't I suggest looking into the e-mesh technique.

BTW, I followed a similar path to the Nexus, I don't really participate in online forums, but this one is great. I spent several years reading it until I registered my account.
#3 Posted : 9/6/2023 4:20:28 PM

Got Naloxone?

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This is a great intro. It unfolds like a suspense novel. At first you're concerned that the hero is making all the wrong moves and might be making a mistake that's going to get him in multiple types of trouble.

But then one reads further into this and realizes nope that's not what's going on. Our hero has taken the time to do the footwork and research and is in fact not going to make those mistakes.

The kind of story where you understand that thought and action are two very different things and there's nothing wrong with having thoughts that one does not act on, in particular after empowering oneself with information.

Having said all that I want to warmly welcome you and applaud you for choosing to do it at home. In an era rife with unsafe drug supplies and Fentanyl poisonings I think that makes great sense.

I am excited for you that you are going to be doing your first extraction and sincerely hope you will choose to keep us posted. I think you are going to be in for some pleasant surprises.

Again, a very warm welcome to you.
"But even if nothing lasts and everything is lost, there is still the intrinsic value of the moment. The present moment, ultimately, is more than enough, a gift of grace and unfathomable value, which our friend and lover death paints in stark relief."
-Rick Doblin, Ph.D. MAPS President, MAPS Bulletin Vol. XX, No. 1, pg. 2

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#4 Posted : 9/6/2023 9:33:39 PM

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pantostao wrote:

Have you thought about the ROA you're gonna use? If you haven't I suggest looking into the e-mesh technique.

I have everything ready for my e-mesh, except for the mesh itself. In the next days I'll try to find some steel mesh locally, otherwise I've found some on Amazon, so it won't be a problem. It seems an amazing ROA according to all accounts.
And yeah, I've not done my extraction yet, probably will start next week, with a slow-cold STB extraction. There's no rush Smile

Pandora wrote:

Again, a very warm welcome to you.

You are a poet! Thank you so much for your words! I really mean it.
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