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E-Mesh, Sub-Herb testing coming soon Options
#1 Posted : 8/29/2023 4:19:31 AM
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Hi all,

I've lurked this forum as a guest for a while and decided to register so I could create some reports of using the e-mesh and the sub-herb devices. So far, I've ordered:

-Geekvape Z50 50W mod
-Knockoff Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA
-Vandy Vape SS316 200 e-mesh
-Random glass curved mouthpiece

I'm also talking with a seller on the local marketplace who's offering a 150W box mod with both an RTA assembly and a sub-herb atomizer. My understanding is that the sub-herb is very similar to the APX volt but is much cheaper as it can be attached to any mod that can supply 20 or more Watts.

The existing literature on the e-mesh is pretty extensive already, so I don't know if I'll be able to add much. But I haven't heard much talk on the sub-herb, there's a thread from four years ago on it but there's been no follow-up. If I can manage to get my hands on the sub-herb, I'll do my best to report and compare it to the e-mesh.

Anyone else have experience with either setup? Please feel free to chime in.


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#2 Posted : 9/6/2023 9:05:29 AM
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Hi origamiwizard8

This stuff goes well over my head but im interested to hear your reports, and I would like to find a good method for intaking spice myself. I use a 'machine v2' i think? Its been some time since I did spice but I still have it.

What kind of cost are your talking for this gear? And how good do they work?

I'm in nz and can't import glassware like the vapor genie so I'm interested in alternatives. And I do like the idea of vaping over smoking.

I do have a storz and bickel 'mighty' but I've havent had the chance to use for spice yet just other herbs.
#3 Posted : 9/10/2023 10:44:25 PM
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Hi Aum,

Thanks for the reply! I got the Migvapor Sub-Herb for around $20 USD used, it goes for around $50USD new but you need a “box mod” with adjustable wattage functionality. If you want to do e-mesh, you’ll need a mesh RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) which you can get on Wish for very cheap. I got a “Mesh Pro RDA” which is a Digiflavor knockoff with decent reviews.

I’m planning on using my Sub-Ohm soon, it’s going to take some tweaking to get right. I want to try just Spice in it first, then perhaps a changa. We’ll see. I’m still waiting for the mesh RDA to come in, should be here monday. I’m looking forward to using the temperature control functionality of the RDA, which is where you set the mod to lock onto a certain temperature to prevent burning the Spice.

I haven’t seen a lot on the Sub-Herb, but there are plenty of good videos on YouTube regarding the e-mesh RDA.
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