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#1 Posted : 9/4/2023 1:50:46 AM
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Greetings earthlings (and others Thumbs up )!

As a first time poster first I'd like to thank all those who came before and provided informative reading material for many late night preparing for solo hyperspace journeys.

So I want to tell you a fictional story about someone called "Myself" who is, of course, not myself in any way shape or form. But for convenience, the story shall be told in the first person. edit:This is part 1, wherein I give a brief history of "Myself". Part 2 contains details of my first extraction, with some interesting findings.

Quick background about "Myself"- My first DMT experience, and first true psychedelic experience was about 4 years ago, sitting with an experienced facilitator, following a divorce, bankruptcy, and generally life falling apart. It kind of set me on a path. Many experiences followed - mushrooms, Aya, 5, Molly...for various reasons and in various circumstances. Along the way I also became a certified breathwork facilitator, which is it's own kind of altered state. Some say it is as intense as any DMT or mushroom trip....but usually that statement comes from someone who has no such experiences...go figure. It's a marvelous tool but DMT it ain't. And I digress.

Anyway in these past few years I have only had a handful of DMT experiences, perhaps 4-5 sessions, with the same sitter, each consisting of 2 doses/journeys. It had been a while since the last one and I felt called to return for another. Turns out that particular facilitator was getting out of the game, but suggested I should be capable of taking off solo by now and offered to share the recipe and some guidance on self administration.

I sourced all the materials and supplies, was ready to begin, and then this person, in typical mahcine-elf fashion, had to leave town unexpectedly for an unknown length of time, left me with a pile of notes and went incommunicado. Maybe I'm meant to figure this out on my own.Shocked So I turned here to try to find answers to some of the questions that came up in the process.

I want to share what I did and what resulted, but I've decided to give that a separate post...look further down the list it'll be there shortly.

Mush love!

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#2 Posted : 9/4/2023 2:37:04 AM

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Welcome VoyagerGrey, look forward to your next post on your results.

Feel free to drop in on the nexus chat and say hi. Also if you haven't done so already please take time to familiarize yourself with the attitude page.
Disclaimer: All my posts are of total fiction.

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