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#1 Posted : 8/10/2023 3:05:25 PM

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(mind)Set: Calm
(physical condition) Set: Good condition
Setting (location): In a parc
time of day: (12 or 24 hour system, daylight? starlight? overcast?) Around 19h
recent drug use: (list also any kind of medication)
last meal: (Time and type) Chips and beer.

Gender: (m / f) M
body weight: (in kg pls) 76kg
known sensitivities:
history of use: (experienced, novice, first timer - in general and for this specific substance/form) novice for DMT, more experienced for psylocibin.

Substance(s): (list all taken substances) DMT
Dose(s): (in the same order as Substances pls, use metric system i.e. g/ mg/ µg)
Method of administration: (dissolved in water, capsuls, insufflated, vaporized...) Vaporized

Administration time: T=0:00 (expand this if you used delayed administration for multiple substances or the same substance with multiple doses. Use indices.)
Duration: (x hours) 10 min
First effects:
Peak: (estimate a time range and note as e.g. T=2:00-4:00 for a range of 2 hours beginning 2 hours after administration)
Come down:

Intensity (overall): (use HRS-like scale i.e. 0-4: 0 = "Not at all;" 1 = "Slightly;" 2 = "Moderately;" 3 = "Quite a bit;" 4 = "Extremely."Pleased
Evaluation / notes: 3

Pleasantness: (0-4) 3
Unplesantness: (0-4) 0
Visual Intensity: (0-4) 2

Hangover: (0-4 ; what type of impleasantness ; duration) 0
Afterglow: (0-4 ; what type of positive effects ; duration) 1, leaf of trees seemed like patterns, repeating themselves, more round than normal.

Recently I had an experince on vaping DMT.
As usually when I smoke DMT, I'm sourrounded by a Mandala, red or purple, vibrating.
It happened, some time ago, that in front of this Mandala I felt the most beautiful peace sensation I have ever had and lost the sense of my ego.
But recently this Mandala, or the substance itself, it seems to test me, somehow. When it felt that I was good to go, my silhouette sourrounded the Mandala. I dind't experience ego death, I was mostly conscient, with strong visual and deep sensation from my body and my surrounding. It a pleasent experience, by the way. Sharing the experience with another friend, I realized that the experience of being tested was quite common. Does it happen to you? Do yo have idea for what have you been tested?
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I feel like I'm tested, yet cared for, regularly in the space, and such tests can run the gamut since DMT always has something new to show you.

Thank you for sharing.

One love
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I get tested in hyperspace. I firmly believe it is because the entities/the DMT/deep parts of our subconscious are encouraging GROWTH. I think the tests are pushing us towards personal change and growth.
"But even if nothing lasts and everything is lost, there is still the intrinsic value of the moment. The present moment, ultimately, is more than enough, a gift of grace and unfathomable value, which our friend and lover death paints in stark relief."
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after some experiences and permissions to enter from the other side, the tests began, it took me a while to perceive that it was really happening and since then, the relationship has been growing.
I agree with Pandora about the meaning of the test(s), towards our evolutionary growth, healing, acceptance and unfolding of natural abilities that rest within us to improve our quality of life <3 .
like so many members of this journey, I am an eternal learner grateful to have encountered entheogens and open space for the essential in me to emerge.
thanks for the post
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I got tested by jesters.
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TrippinBallsJester wrote:
I got tested by jesters.


Please elaborate!

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Yes, it often very much feels like a test. Sometimes i pass and sometimes i fail it. But even when i failed the test, i often feel i can still draw lessons from it.

"Why did i fail"? There's always a reason, and usually it is staring you in the face somehow.
Or at least, that's what i have personally experienced.
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