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beautiful things, a positive trip takeaway Options
#1 Posted : 8/28/2023 8:57:43 PM

wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username

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i just wanted to write a positive experience post. not so much about the trip but about the takeaway which is as follows..

i've never thought of myself as very creative..playing music, drawing, improv, other creative forms of expression never come easy to me..idk it's one of those areas i just have always felt like i suck at. lately i've been trying to exercise those parts of my mind and even though it can be very depressing seeing how not good i am at those things when i try, when i see what i see during a dmt trip...the amazing imagery, the structures, the designs..to think my brain came up with that. like my mind is in a sense quite capable of such impressive displays of art in a way, it gives me so much hope. like it's proof that my mind is capable of creating such unique and beautiful things, it gives me a lot of encouragement..

i just wanted to share this, maybe it will help some others who might be similarly feeling untalented or incapable remember this about themselves. dmt is such a great piece of evidence that our minds can be capable of really beautiful creativity even if it only feels involuntary/born out of our subconscious.

lots of love and happy thoughts to everyone here.
-wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username-

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#2 Posted : 8/28/2023 11:17:42 PM

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I think you're seeing it the correct way, which is that it has invoked our own visionary potential, and some of the best results are when someone is inspired to paint, draw, write, sing, etc based on what they've seen or heard at the heights of their visionary potential. Often people look at it like something from outside themselves got put in and it put on the show to spectate, yet in actuality it's like a key to our own door.
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#3 Posted : 8/29/2023 12:48:34 AM

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DMT has always felt to me like a point of pure potential. It shocked me to my core early on that my brain was capable of such a thing. It just felt much more like an act of creation than something I was watching unfold - and yet there it was, more immersive, complex and fully rendered than any $200MM movie ever made.

That made me desperate to learn to draw. Or to paint, or sculpt, or whatever I could find to express myself back here on Earth. The rest is all just training your hands, which takes time but is super gratifying.

All I can say is that life for me is greatly enhanced when I'm engaged in creating something. It gives me meaning and keeps me connected to that experience everyday.
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