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Hello Friends

It's been a while since I've visited, but there's no more than a day or two between pondering what I'm missing out on here!

Anyway, I had a nice lower dose trip to report, with some firsts for me.

One of the firsts is the recipe of the elixir:

-1/2 lemon squeezed into large shotglass
-1.9g dry pan cyan peace river broken into small pieces and placed into shotglass
-added room temp water to fully submerge fungi, stir occasionally over 45 minutes
-brewed some tea separately, using 1 yogi ginger tea bag and 1 bag of pukka elderberry & echinacea
and then added some honey
-around the 45 minute mark, filtered the now blue slurry from shotglass, discarded solids and added the cool blue liquid to the hot tea.

Not only did I not taste mushroom, this to me was actually yummy. As a side note, I am wondering if pan cyan has a different signature on the taste buds than cubes. Regardless, it was easy to quickly drink the entirety of the elixir, this was at 8pm local.

17-20 minutes later, the come up wasn't crazy but it was obvious. I went to my bedroom and was going to find something to watch or listen to like I normally do, but this time it almost seemed to welcome me to sit on the floor with back against the bed and close my eyes, put my head back. Immediately the visuals started, at first without much motion, but I liked how it felt and how it was starting, so I attempted to coax it to come on stronger (I'm not sure if I said anything out loud, but I was definitely thinking "come on bring it!"Pleased

Whereas in a DMT session I normally have some complementary audio (think binaural beats, merkaba etc), I didn't plan anything really with this and in the quiet surroundings, there were audible frequencies -- I know my memories of this only capture a tiny fracture of what happened, but what I do remember is that the landscape was distinctly of the DMT type (for me anyway) with lots of white and with a fluid mosaic of vibrant colors with morphing patterns.

I remember the audible frequency had changed at least once, and the volume would vary a little bit but mostly on the loud side. I've had audible frequencies on DMT before but this seemed new for just mushrooms.

Toward the end I remember standing (or floating?) in a corridor, which had doorways to other corridors and, before leaving that place, I heard voices, in a way like I caught a different part of my conscious wrapping up a conversation with ... another voice? I'm not sure, I didn't see an entity, but it sure felt like one was there and the conversation was not in english. I remember thinking "I wish I had my voice recorder on for this one" because I wouldn't be surprised if I was saying something at some point.

The wow factor of the frequencies and hallways and speaking broke me out of the trip and I opened my eyes. I was excited and made my way downstairs to make some eggs or something (I always get hungry on come down) and I was shocked the time shown on the stove was 9:40 - it felt like it should be midnight. That was only 1 hour 40 minutes after consumption... quite a compressed ride. There were still lingering effects til I fell asleep hours later, but the "trip" was done.

I'm not sure how much the recipe of the elixir has to do with how the trip went, but it was wonderful and I intend to repeat it with a higher dose. I know going back to the same place isn't a likely outcome, but I'd like to try, and hopefully bring back a little more.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that just prior to elixir consumption, I took 350mg Alpha GPC and 100mg phenylpiracetam, no weed for this trip. Hard to say how much difference that made but if anything I'd say these augmentations improved the overall experience.
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