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Colorless experienceS and uninhabited world, first timer sensitivity ? Options
#1 Posted : 6/19/2023 4:21:00 PM
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I'm writing this for my girlfriend.
I've been smoking DMT for quite a long time (years, with > 100 trips, I didn't count), mainly smoked.
I don't define myself as an expert DMT traveller, but I have some backgrounds, and I'm very aware that DMT can be very tricky : bad trips, "don't want to go" trip, smoking "difficulties'' etc
From my side, I succeeded many/most of the times to go to the waiting room, or breakthrough.
I experienced "gray" or "brown" trips when I was wrong with the dosage, I got memory loss with too high dosage etc ..

QUESTION: there is a situation that I cannot understand: my girlfriend experienced smoked DMT with me at different dosages, experienced Ayahuasca ceremonies with different dosages / shamans ...
But she is still stuck in the same "gray world", with no bright colors.  She doesn't meet any entities, she never tried (or never had the desire to communicate, or to speak while tripping).
The only "visions' ', she described, are gray pixelised robots ...
As she described her experience, I don't feel she had anxiety, or at least not an exaggerated anxiety ;-) .

What could be her problem ?
The only "weird" stuff I could relate about her, is that she discovered psychedelic pretty lately (she was ~45 years old), and during her firsts experiences, she couldn't feel anything at normal dosage for almost any "substance'' (like LSD, Shroom or MD were "too light)".  For example, she didn't get anything from their first 2g dried shroom experience: we drank a tee at the same time, prepared the same way, with the same material, and on my side, I was completely fucked up !! And she felt "almost" nothing !!??

Fortunately, She is not immune" from psychedelics ;-) !! For example, for her third LSD experience, I gave her like 200ug => Gosh !!! It's like a barrier broke down, and she got the full experience, and luckily, she did fall into a bad trip !! Previous 100ug and 150ug didn't previously work ... at all !!!.And now that she is aware of the LSD effect, she can feel very a 100ug !!
Can people have such an (unconscious) resistance, that they can resist to 40mg of smoked DMT ? 

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#2 Posted : 6/19/2023 5:07:36 PM

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Welcome to the Nexus and thank you for sharing this interesting post.

It's difficult to say what is going on here but I imagine if the vaping technique is correct and it's being done quickly enough that it is not simple resistance that is blocking the DMT effect.

Physiologies are diverse. If this wasn't true then why would pharmaceutical drugs need 30 pages of 6 point type print to discuss all the potential side effects?

Again without really knowing anything about the specifics here I would speculate that perhaps your girlfriend is a hard head and just needs slightly larger doses. Maybe just keep titrating up at slow amounts until you find a sweet spot.

Regardless a warm welcome to you and I hope you and your girlfriend find what you are looking for.
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#3 Posted : 8/22/2023 12:39:06 PM

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The only time I felt I broke through was on accident. A grey-scale robotic alien-type entity was there and I was terrified. I wish I remembered more of it, but this was after "coming to" in a void of nothingness. I did experience colors at some point because I was trapped in this "funhouse" version of my room where I couldn't escape. It was quite terrifying. I only remembered that part later and the initial "trip" I could remember was colorless entirely.

Has your girl tried going back yet?
#4 Posted : 8/24/2023 6:33:54 PM

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My experiences so far also were pretty dark.
Black background with darkblue visuals, once in a dark room with yellow white paperman kind of entities. Haven't had many trips on DMT so far. On mushrooms it is a bit more colourful but never crazy bright colors. I suppose it is just an extremely subjective experience.
#5 Posted : 9/15/2023 3:14:19 AM
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No she didn't try going back... But is thinking about ;-)) !!

On my side, I went a bit further with my personnal experiment.

I'm still trying to find the perfect way to smoke dmt.

So far, the best and smoother trips were done with an ECig & DMT E-Juice.
The only problem is that it is difficult to dose.

Along different tested method, the last one use a vaporizer that I can set to 190°C
It works, except that it takes too long to inhale to full dose (for me 50mg)
So, I experiment the first hit send me to gray/brown hyperspace, and second & third hits does not bring me to the break trough or colorfull space.
When I experiment such unsucessfull trips, it's like I'm stuck between two world. As if some dors have been opened for me while taking my first hit, but I was too slow to go to the colorfull places, with entities, instead I was stuck in this gray world looking a bit like a glauque dark empty subway , or water closed... not very funny.

From what I experiment, DMT has to be fully inhale in 1 or 2 times and in a limited timelapse
Something like 40mg
small inhale (10s) + Keep (20-30s) + short exhale(5s)
Repeated if material remains

Making impossible to bypass the violent take off .
I found vapor Genie pipe or Christal meth glass Pipe be the best to reach colorfull hyperspace ... but with this method, I find the initial rush really really strong ;-)

That difference could explain the "grey world" ... when you smoke tooooo slllooowly ;-)

#6 Posted : 9/15/2023 3:38:34 AM

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Getting ready to eat, but wanted to respond quickly.

For your girlfriend, it may just be her experience in the here and now. In my experience, DMT will change over time. I would also suggest testing out different variables in her setting; various types of music, during the day vs during the night, outside vs inside, etc. Lastly, mediation. She may need to be more receptive in her set.

For you, check out the Divine Tribe V4 crucible. It's great for a one-hit shot. You may to repeatedly fire the mod to keep initial temps high because the crucibles seems as though it may have a high resistance.

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