ocular flutter and burps. Options
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wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username

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i'm curious about if anyone else has experience either of these two phenomena when doing dmt..

the ocular flutter is happening to me every time i vape dmt once it gets to like the third's not constant but it's quite uncomfortable and happens often enough that just keeping my eyes open becomes difficult.

the burp thing is something happening to someone im very close to..not once or twice, but every time they do dmt with me they get nausea and start burping like a lot and for like many minutes. i would say this has happened consistently at least fifteen times. i mean i've had nausea here and there but i've never had the same type of response to dmt so's really odd. maybe this person is inhaling weird?

any thoughts are welcomed and greatly appreciated Smile
-wishes she had chosen "nobodywillpickthis1" as her username-

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