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Any reason to NP wash MG? Options
#1 Posted : 6/18/2023 3:23:51 PM
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Is there any non-polar junk in Morning Glory, similar to Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, that would make it preferable to NP wash before extracting?

I've been attempting to make stronger / cleaner ergot extracts with only food grade processing. I have settled on the idea of using 95% drinking alcohol to extract a huge amount of offshelf Morning Glory seeds, then evaporating this down to its 5% water content for a very potent extract by volume.

For HBWR a non-polar wash is almost necessary to enjoy them. However, there's not really a food safe way to do this, so I've turned to reducing an extract of Morning Glory based on the idea that they don't have the same, or other dangerous non-polar substances. Is that right?

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#2 Posted : 7/3/2023 9:22:15 PM

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There;s a reason why cold water extracts on MG are part of the tradition, and that could extend to being a reason for NP washing the seeds before making a tincture. You could use medical grade 'benzine' (not benzene) for this. Other than hexane, pure n-alkanes are relatively harmless. Alcohol isn't completely harmless either, remember?

Speaking of alcohol, evaporating 95% ABV will not leave behind the 5% water since alcohol forms an azeotrope with water that evaporates without leaving the water behind. This is why distillation of water/alcohol mixtures will not go above 96% ABV. Your evaporation will leave a 1% water residue at the very most.

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