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Acacia Confusa = Aliens Options
#1 Posted : 6/30/2023 5:21:18 AM

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It wasn't always like this, but it is, now. Every time I take ayahuasca with Acacia Confusa as the DMT-containing plant, I feel the presence of aliens. It's like the main feature of the trip. Yep, they're here, they're in the skies, they're waiting to do surgery on me, oh, they can do a little here and there. They're always benevolent, but that doesn't mean it's not intense and occasionally stressful (to have a foreigner work on you).

It's always extraterrestrials, now. Without exception. Anyone else get this?
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#2 Posted : 6/30/2023 2:30:23 PM
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Gotta love the alien stuff! :-)

Just a little theory here, as you mention that this has not always been like this. Now during the last months/years there is much more mainstream talk about aliens, UAP's etc. You now get disclosure stuff in mainstream media all the time, this has not been like this earlier. So, could it be that due to this aliens are just more present in your mind "now?"

Do you sometimes use anything else than Acacia for your journeys? No aliens there?
#3 Posted : 6/30/2023 3:23:24 PM


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I've had aliens on most of my mimosa journeys for years now, most of my journeys have this theme along with God complexes and that sort of stuff, i haven't tried confusa yet
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#4 Posted : 6/30/2023 5:25:47 PM

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Mimosa was the most resonant plant with the alien theme for me. Confusa has been the least conducive of any entity contact among all the DMT plants for me.
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