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Ayahuasca Churches Options
#1 Posted : 6/14/2023 5:07:26 PM

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Can anybody recommend some good literature about the two main Brazilian ayahuasca churches, Santo Daime and Uniao Do Vegetal? The UDV would be particularly appreciated.

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#2 Posted : 6/14/2023 7:38:04 PM

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this is a timeline about ayahuasca with several informations, especially Daime.
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#3 Posted : 1/3/2024 7:33:47 AM

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There are mainly two books about Santo Daime in Englisch:

-The Religion of Ayahuasca: The Teachings of the Church of Santo Daime by Alexi Polari de Alvera.

This guy came to Ceu de Maps in the Seventies as a full blown hippie and was impressed by the work of the church. He became a disciple of Padrinho Sebastiaõ and eventually became a Padrinho on its own. The best work when it comes to the history of the church with a lot of anecdotes and historical stuff.

- Santo Daime, a new world religion by Andrew Dawson. This one is a more anthropological approach and keeps an eye on the internationalisation of the church.

These are the two solid book in English. I have seen that somebody wrote a book about the Santo Daime churches in Europe but I haven't red this one and it is a self published book. I will try to refund the title.

When it comes to the UDV, I don't know of a real book about them. There is some information on the net and also in the above mentioned book you can find infos like they founded at the same time in the same place (Acre).

Good luck to find your information!

Edit: after a quick research I came about this book, maybe this can help:

Joaze Bernardino-Costa
Hoasca The Sacrament of the Uniao do Vegetal, Science, Society and Environment

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