5meo dmt measuring and weighing Options
#1 Posted : 6/7/2023 6:37:45 AM
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Hi. I am new here. I am trying to trip by myself with "The 5" for the first time. I have a new milligram scale and measuring spoons. Using my smallest spoon I weigh salt and it shows 5 millgrams. When I put "The 5" in the same spoon and weigh it, it does not register on my scale. Either my scale is not working, or the same volume of "The 5" weighs much less than salt. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am sorry for the question, I am just worried about taking too much when I am alone.

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#2 Posted : 6/7/2023 8:24:30 AM
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When I did store bought 5-Meo years ago, I just estimated about 100mg with the dividing method, dissolved in alcohol, and put it on parsley.
Then I estimated the amount per pinch (hit) and started lower than that until I was used to the batch.
Yes, inaccurate, but starting on lower amounts made it all good. Do be aware that it's possible for some purer alkaloid to collect in the bottom of what you dry the parsley in and be an issue when you scrape up the dregs. I used an ashtray, better might be to use something bigger and spread it to dry thinner.
I used this method more months and months with no issues. But I did have one surprise when I scraped the last out of the ashtray to put it all away for decades.
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As brokedownpalace10 said, you should probably start by measuring a higher amount, and then divide it. What he suggested is called "enhanced leaf", you can search around this place and find all the information you need.

Basically, you dissolve a high amount of 5-meo-dmt (100mg for example) in some liquid that can evaporate cleanly (IPA, Everclear, vodka... lots of alcohols basically) and soak a known amount of herbs in that liquid, and leave it there until everything dries out, while mixing periodically.

For example, if you used 1g of herbs and 100mg of 5-meo-dmt, you will end up with 1100 mg of enhanced leaf. Every 50mg of this end product will have 4.54mg of 5-meo-dmt. ---> (100/1100) * 50 = 4.54

Then, you can measure it much more precisely. As he warned, the bottom of the jar can collect some of the product that didnt stuck to the herbs, so be careful with that.

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Have you tried weighing larger volumes? I think 5-MeO-DMT has a much lower density than salt.
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