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I've been trying to make a potent LSA wine and the last few attempts have turned out weak. I'd like to use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose again though I want to do a non-polar wash beforehand. I can use petroleum ether, though I'd like to know if there's any effective safer alternatives? It'd be really nice to only work with food-safe ingredients and still get the same result, so that I can be certain there's no risk of residual chemicals.

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PanoraMIX HBWR extract You'll need to use IPA or acetone and naptha. Naptha is fairly safe with use of ventilation and respirator but I dislike that it's a petroleum product. Check MSDS and find a suitable brand of Naptha/petroleum ether. If you have a pure solevant and do a spot test to make sure that it leaves no residue you will be okay. The end product will be pure and residue free. You can also make your 92% IPA anhydrous or 99%+ IPA by baking sodium bicarbonate or epsom salts or heating in a stainless steel sauce pan and using that to soak up excess water in your IPA. Do a spot test to look for water residues after just to check

Naptha evaporates cleanly but it is a petroleum product and you need to use caution when working with it. I don't recommend using it without respirator and a ventilation system or at least fan and window.

I wonder if Ethyl Acetate or Limonene can be used in LSA extraction. I've never heard of either being used in LSA extraction. You should still be using a respirator with Ethyl Acetate, refer to the safety data for it if you or another forum member considers forming a tek.

Ethyl Acetate also needs to be properly disposed of if you have ecological sustainability in mind for your extractions; I'm pretty sure. I've never used it before and have recently come across it as a much cheaper alternative to limonene. HIELO and CIELO both use ethyl acetate and are for dmt and mescaline but not sure if you can use this solvent to pull alkaloids from MG or HBWR

I recommend Morning Glory over HBWR though. Morning Glory is very potent if you grow it under certain conditions and you can produce a lot of it. Always use fresh seeds and freeze seeds after harvesting to preserve alkaloids. There's a post about it but it's from the user Tregar whose apparently a troll. I'm having trouble finding more accurate and trusted information about growing Morning Glory under certain conditions for increasing potency and increasing flowering (and thereby seeding). I know that using fresh seeds are the major thing that beginners fail to use. often people who discover MG and LSA buy organic untreated seeds in bulk and try extracting from or eating old seeds.

You can probably also grow HBWR for increasing potency and higher flowering/seeding yield too. I think that HBWR takes a few years before it produces seeds though and it may not seed in some climate but I don't discourage you from experimenting and trying. Look into growing HBWR under grow lights that help support flowering, it may help to get higher yields of seeds.

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