Vine Brew Dosage - Fresh vs. Dry? Options
#1 Posted : 4/29/2023 11:01:13 PM

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Aloha! Been a minute since I posted, and wanted to see what the current ballpark dosage is for Caapi vine and MHRB. I’ve read through a ton of posts and I’ve seen everything from 30g of vine to 250g or more. I thought I remembered that around 100g dry shredded vine per dose was a recommended starting point, and then increase or decrease based on the strength of the vine. Is that correct? MHRB I remember being about 5g per dose.

Let me know if that all still holds, or if I’m remembering incorrectly before I overload myself with MAOI Smile And, I assume the advice would be different with fresh vine versus dry, right?

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