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Foolproof way to vape DMT (Mighty Vaporizer) Options
#41 Posted : 1/9/2023 1:20:26 PM
DMT-Nexus member

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Really thanks for your post and appreciate all your efforts. I'm getting the bubbler you recommended and after that, I will vape with my mighty, couldn't imagine my mighty which be used in this way!

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
#42 Posted : 4/2/2023 10:33:05 AM
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Hi, and thank you for all the information!

I got the bubbler attachment and the liquid pads, which I placed directly in my Mighty (they are too large to fit into the capsules). However, the results were underwhelming. I used about 20mg, as it was my first DMT experience.

As suggested, I set the Mighty at 210°C and started vaping when the temperature reached 180°. The first slow hit produced no vapor at all, and it seemed to only serve the purpose of melting the spice. The second hit is where it started working (meanwhile, the temperature reached 210°Pleased. I began feeling the effects as I held in the vapor from the second hit, but I think it would have taken at least 5-6 more hits for a full experience (I'm not sure if that would be enough for a breakthrough). The most I could manage was three hits, as it takes significant courage to continue vaping when experiencing the overwhelming and sudden shift in consciousness. Even with three hits, I only felt some effects for no more than 3-4 minutes before they quickly subsided.

I don't know where I went wrong, but I wouldn't say this method is foolproof. At least, I don't think it's optimal for first-timers, since, as I mentioned, I feel like I would have needed to vape for a few minutes at least, and that's challenging when dealing with pre-flight jitters.

The vapor is nice and has absolutely no taste, but that's the only benefit I could find.
#43 Posted : 4/6/2023 3:47:30 AM

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Try another 5-10 mgs and measure with a scale to be certain. There's a world of a difference within this dose range. I start to get threshold effects around 20 mg to breakthrough around 25 mgs, for sure at 30 mgs. Center yourself and don't push too hard when the time is right. Best of luck!! There seems to be a slight difference in the robustness of the heating elements between the might and might+ that are producing noticeable results.
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#44 Posted : 4/7/2023 10:23:42 PM

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The problem will not be 10-20 mg too low I'm sure.

The reason is simply: The Crafty / Mighty are just not good for this Crying or very sad Crying or very sad

It is my personal belief, but you can test it yourself. Reason:

They just vaporize it way too slow. You will only get ~ 6 mg with a standard rip. Even if you use Harmalas the overall process will be elongated, trying to ramp up your dose. And the efficiency seems to decrease after the first few pulls, to get the rest out of a liquid / concentrate pad.

Just make a test:

1) Weigh your liquid / concentrate pad
2) Put 30 mg Spice into it (like on top and just heat the Crafty / Mighty to 80 °C)
3) Assemble everything and take 1 big toke
4) Immediately put the liquid pad out, wait for it getting cold
5) Weigh your liquid / concentrate pad again

I promise you it will be only X - 4 mg up to X - 7 mg.

So the rips are just small that you can get from these 2 devices IN MY EXPERIENCE. So while they are super cool and still a gold standard for vaping it seems, they were not fast enough when I tried it.
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#45 Posted : 4/17/2023 8:41:46 PM

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Maybe the difference between mighty and mighty+ needs to be looked at. I have the mighty and feel like the clouds it makes are definitely on the wimpier side, even with a measured, slow even draw… which is definitely the best way to get the thickest vapour. I saw a utube guy using 2 mightys at once, he had some sort of manifold adapter where he could use 2 units simultaneously with a dab rig maybe thats the next logical step ppl Razz of course that was with weed. i do feel like the gvg is capable of producing "scary"amounts of vapor at once which the mighty just could not match, and as ,uch as mighty + added heater goes or whatever just yeah nothing is gonna top the gvg I mean if we are talking about ‘foolproof"
Vaping methods surely volcano has to be mentioned. I have not tried the hybrid volcano whip which i head on one account was a nit underwhelming the bags are a bit of a no brainer when it comes down to inhaling large amounts of vaporized material in one go… but then you are dealing with an added "crinkling of a plastic bread wrapper" as youre laying there be ‘cause if you suck all the vape out the bags do crinkle…for a while afterwards depending on your "status" it may or may not be annoying… i mean small price to pay i suppose but something to consider.
Also the liquid concentrate pads absorb a-lot of heat and take a while to get up to temp for sure as well so yeah that doesn’t help when you’re blasting off. I got the mighty mini bubbler attachment with silicone base and eventually broke the mini bubbler but the silicone base is good as i happen to have a glass adapter that fits into the silicon and can either "direct draw" from the mighty (the vapour has about 3 inches of glass to cool off) or can run the whole contraption through a bong or better yet dab rig but yeah the vapour is not "insane" like the gvg or volcano but imho gvg is probably the craziest in terms of sheer vapour density.
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#46 Posted : 4/18/2023 11:06:32 PM

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So that's of course a good fact to look by if you check vapor density. But that originates also from the vape-world in general and there the thickness of clouds seem to be an esthetic factor and so on Big grin

So cloud thickness may not be necessarily the factor which needs to be maximized. If no combustion takes place, then of course more evaporated material will give bigger clouds.

But ultimately what you need to refer to is the amount of material that is vaporized in 1 toke. And this can be directly measured.

So in my belief the 2 vaporizers Crafty and Mighty just dont evaporate much material - not even taken a look at cloud density now.

If you also have the mighty you could also make an experiment: weigh your pre-loaded liquid pad and then weigh again after 1 toke. I'm sure you will never see a decrease of 10 mg or more per rip. And even though this still may sound appealing as you could just do 2 tokes or 3 in a row, I found it in reality impossible to build up my dose with those devices ... Thumbs down Which I am a little sad myself, because they are just TOO COOL. Love
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#47 Posted : 5/8/2023 1:39:54 AM
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I can definitely get a full dose (around 30mg) with 1 big toke using my mighty+ and I can do it consistently, without fail unlike with my GVG which is always hit or miss for me.

The only residues/leftovers I am getting are the oil vapor with degraded spice (the yellow waxy stuff).
While I agree this device doesn't produce enough heat to vaporize the degraded dmt oil (n-oxide), with decent quality spice it works.

Either regular mighty is that much inferior to mighty+ or you are doing something wrong.
#48 Posted : 7/19/2023 6:32:38 PM

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I'm with you Rollinwama still very appreciative to have found this method after a couple years still not looking back. Looks like I'm not the only one. Refringence created an account to post 12/26/21 just to show their appreciation. Funny because I was flaunting my mighty+ at a cannabis expo and noone was even batting an eye at me cause how much bigger it is compared to a bunch of other vaping devices. Little did they know it's because of the battery to run the robust heating unit it carries. Oh well our little secretCool
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#49 Posted : 7/19/2023 8:44:24 PM

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I had the feeling it vaporizes too slow ... but maybe this Mighty+ really packs a punch then?

What is your method? I guess of course the only reasonable way: Use the metal liquid pads and just sprinkle the DMT on top and let it melt inside at a lower temperature I guess?
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#50 Posted : 7/20/2023 1:20:29 AM

DMT-Nexus member

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Sprinkle the dose (25-30 mg) on the mesh pad, twist on the bubbler attachment, set to max setting (210 degrees C), then proceed to inhale dose once device reaches the set temperature when it vibrates. When the method is so much easier there's less pre-flight anxiety wondering if your going to get an effective dose and not burn yourself after if you're a solo traveler.

I almost cheaped out by getting the mighty when I was first deciding instead of the mighty+. I can see why it's not popular for dmt since it is a steep price compared to emesh or the gvg. If you're a regular cannabis consumer like myself it definitively pays for itself pretty quickly. I'll vape dmt maybe like once every 3-6 months the least to every couple weeks to a month the most.
#51 Posted : 8/12/2023 8:26:55 PM
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Rolinwama wrote:
Hello DMT-Nexus,

This is my first post. I had hoped I would be able to post this on the main forum, but I guess it will take a while (if ever) for me to get promoted here.

I have found a foolproof way to vape DMT, using the Mighty vaporizer with a glass bubbler mouthpiece, and dosing caps with drip pad inside. 100% success rate (compared to my previous GVG usage), need smaller doses compared to what I used with GVG, and most important of all - no unpleasantness from the vapor itself taste-wise and lungs-wise.

The Trick:
The most important part of the method to make this work is to use the glass bubbler mouthpiece, literally nothing else worked, I used exactly this one:

The Background:
Most of my DMT was consumed with the GVG with either herbs or drip pad under the spice itself. Overall this is a good tool, but even after using it for 2 years or so I was never able to get 100% hit-rate with it. I was trying different lighters, torches, there was always some chance the attempt would be fizzled. There was simply no way for me to get a full grip on the technique to make it work the same all the time. This was both frustrating (wasting precious material) and anxiety-inducing for the trip itself. I can definitely tell this has added to pre-flight anxiety for me. Sometimes it made me think I had "bad" days and it was impossible for me to get consistent results because my body reacts differently to the same dose. Minimum I had to go for to achieve breakthrough was 40mg and I had to take it in one giant toke. Note: this was heavy on the throat and lungs for me, further adding to anxiety and making the thing unpleasant.

Then, I decided to try out a convection vape. It makes sense, with GVG heat is applied from above and as the DMT melts it can drip under the mesh or even recrystallize inside the pipe before it reaches the mouth. It is definitely true because I often saw those crystal patterns inside my pipe. Convection should eliminate this by design.

Made some tests with Mighty and its default plastic cooling top. I had no success with it, no matter how much DMT was applied, tried this few times using different temperatures and breathing techniques. Then I tried a glass mouthpiece. It was horrible, it made the awful taste stronger and was super heavy on the throat and lungs, couldn't hold it in so attempt fizzled and I didn't want to vape this way ever again - very unpleasant.

Then the other day I mounted the bubbler top, loaded 25mg and... breakthrough!
Literally broken through on 25mg, while this would produce some small threshold effects when used in GVG. I think the DMT vapor interacts in some way with plastic used in Mighty cooling top, my guess is it causes the vapor to recrystallize early inside the cooling airpaths. It seems clear to me the spice needs glass and not plastic. Best things about this:

- tried this like 10 times so far and 100% success rate. Always using up all the spice without waste
- absolutely no taste, bubbler seems to filter the taste out completely
- it's super easy on lungs, I can barely feel the spice inside after the rip, yet it comes up super fast, visual distortion happens while in the middle of the toke
- yes, one rip! This makes it very easy to consume in one toke, all the spice consumed in one toke, no leftovers and no unpleasant feeling in the throat and lungs
- at last my experiences with doses got exactly on par with what is described in https://www.dmt-nexus.me...aspx?g=posts&t=34242 , 30mg is more than enough!

The Technique:
1. Sprinkle the spice over the liquid pad inside dosing cap, close the cap and insert it into the heating chamber of Mighty
2. Install the bubbler mouthpiece. Do not overfill with water, use bare minimum for it to bubble
3. Turn the Mighty on and set to max temperature
4. When the temp reaches 180 celsius degrees start inhaling very slowly (way slower than your normal relaxed breath)
5. Halfway through the toke the DMT effects will start kicking in, keep the slow pace for a second or two.
6. Finish the toke with a quick strong inhale from the bubbler, fill the lungs as fast as possible and put the Mighty in a safe place. Trust me it will hit faster than normally.

I want to stress the fact, that the bubbler mouthpiece is crucial. It never worked for me with the default plastic one and wasted a lot of spice with it. The bubbler if impossible to mess up and you always do it within one toke.

Subjective differences to GVG:
- less pre-flight anxiety. I don't fear I will mess up anymore and the toke itself it not unpleasant on the lungs
- hits with full force waaaay faster. One thing which was kind of annoying was waiting for it to start working after putting down the GVG. For me personally that slow come-up before sudden blastoff was unpleasant
- no risk of tasting the spice. With GVG sometimes small pieces would fall through the mesh and end up straight in the mouth, yuck!

Objective differences to GVG:
- always consume the full dose in one easy toke, no leftovers, no waste
- smaller doses required compared to GVG
- impossible to mess it up, it's so easy!

I hope this will help someone. If you, like me, are struggling with your vaping method, I can highly recommend the Mighty + bubbler mouthpiece duo. It just works! Smile

I might or might not be a caveman but my preferred method has always been bong rips. My goal is simple, take as many hits with 10 second holds as possible before going under.

In the past I would fill a bowl with some cannabis flower and put the spice on top. You can't skimp the flower as you need it for the dmt to seep into.

These days I have an awesome contraption I use. It is a slide with a charcoal top and bottom, spice goes in the middle. You torch the charcoal yellow to white hot (9/10 hotness dont go overboard) and take as many hit as you can. By simply moderating the hits temperature you can dial in how to vape all the spice without waisting any. I was taking up to 150mg and then realized I could go hotter and farther off half the dose if I hit the right heat.

I will be honest I have not tried vaping with any devices yet so I am no authority I just have always felt bongs work to get in as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. Its like you are a kid with only a nickel bag trying to get the most out of your binger hits. Thats how I was when I was 12, broke and trying to get as much as possible from what I had.

If anyone is interested I will snap some pics tonight of the slide.
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