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#1 Posted : 12/24/2022 1:07:57 AM

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Don’t Forget

Don't forget to listen
To the scales of the lizard
How they glisten
Into indefinite greens
Layers of atmosphere
Light trickling from its body.
Or how shining pearls of Sun
Roll off birds' backs.
And don't forget to see
The orange rust of trees
Beckon the mossy must of green.
A light blue tender wing
Reveals a feathered bud of Spring.
From the unspoken
Grows the once broken

Live plants. Sustainable, ethically sourced, native American owned.
#2 Posted : 12/24/2022 8:52:51 AM
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Tough days, these days.
I was a caregiver for an ex who has cancer. Six months. Done for now, but feeling guilty about her movings states away near family. Not my job to end, just to begin, I tell myself.


How can things that started out so right, turn out to be so wrong
Ya look around and life has turned out just like a country song
And will this be a sweet song, or will this song be sad
A long and lonely lullaby about the things we could have had
If you can't sing that sweet song at least sing a song that's true
And know that songs will always end and you can sing anew


As you live your life, things will happen that put holes in your heart
You’re not special
The holes never get any smaller
But, if you’re lucky, your heart will get bigger and they’ll seem smaller
Every now and then, you need to go into one of those holes
And shovel words out
It doesn’t matter if those words are good
You didn’t shovel them out for anyone else to examine
If they touch something human in someone else, then that’s pretty cool
But, it’s not the point

#3 Posted : 1/27/2023 4:02:00 PM

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The government ruling the people is like
the mind ruling the body is like
the monkey riding on the tiger's back is like
an illusion of authority over uncontrollable forces of nature.
From the unspoken
Grows the once broken
#4 Posted : 1/28/2023 6:38:02 AM

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Sometimes it is just time that has to pass
For you to heal.

It is the test of forgiveness.
Though the past is real,
And has consequences still today,
The moment is born anew
Again and again.
Each time, stronger than before.
Overcoming the strength of the grasping past.

Though sometimes it may seem like forgetfulness,
Like from dementia or drugs,
It is not inherently wrong,
Because the moment is the strongest, most relevant thing.
It does not invalidate the past
Or forget the future;
It includes them.

The dance continues,
The world spins,
The sun sets and the moon rises--
They dance, too.
We change places
People return
Goods are exchanged
Evil dies
Patterns emerge
Power subsides for years,
And re-emerges
To help
Or destroy.
Comets come back again
Alignments happen

Some, after so long, that
Remembrance would be laughable.
Some patterns only the Earth remembers.
Some patterns only God remembers.
And there is that which even God doesn't know.

Time laughs in the face of memory.

Oh, how little you know.
From the unspoken
Grows the once broken
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