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Hi, Im Frisk. A bit about myself, I have been doing psychedelic compounds from the time I was 14. Cannabis since I was 12.

Here is the (Irresponsible) story about the first encounter with psychedelic compounds I had, It was with wild (And unknown, I did not know about psychedelics yet.) mushrooms I found during a bikeride/hike in a thunderstorm alone, I gathered around a grocery bag full of fresh mushrooms and ran home very, very unaware of what I had just found. I still don't know how much I took but it was likely 3-5 ounce range. Total ego death and out of body experiences for a completely unknown amount of time. The thing I recall most is vising a blue palace with tons of rooms each filled with the most wonderful and complex objects. Just filled with mighty entities that only spoke in what sounded like Hebrew or Aramaic.

Fast forward a lot. After working with freebased DMT around 4 years (Dosages from 5 to ???) I have started brewing yage vine alone. I started at 10grams and went up by 10 grams until I hit 50 grams. I have yet to drink yage with light, The brew that is is scheduled for tonight before bed will be 50 grams of yellow yage and 2 grams of chaliponga. I'm nervous but excited.

I've spent along time meditating alone on the experiences I have had and I want to learn and share with everyone else here, Im excited to be here and meet you all!

A question for anyone who has been there. Have you ever been able to integrate vaporized 300+mg DMT trips? Upon reaching these massive dosages I get amnesia without fail and often fall unconscious. Is there a breakthrough-breakthough?

Peace and love.

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Welcome to the Nexus friend Smile

First question for your question. Are you sure about properly vaping that freebase? Most my friends would faint after 70mg, I have yet to see anyone able to not faint ~100mg Smile

Feel free to share some of your experiences here, its a nice place to be. Also there's this chatroom on the upper left corner of the forums, check it out if you're bored sometimes. It can take a while for us to reply if we're afking, so don't let that discourage you!

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Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

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I'm never 100% sure im vaporizing it correctly. I go between changa, A dab rig without water and the machine, I got a GVG that should be arriving any day so I'm going to start low and go slow and really make sure I get the technique down.

The brew I talked about in my intro post is about half way done. As soon as the medicine has done its work I will make a report and share what I see and can bring back!

So far I have enjoyed chatting with you all, Look forward to hanging out!
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i wonder if people have any fear of dying by using lots of DMT?
its easy to overdose if you are not cautious.
i've seen other places people love to talk big and claiming i have done tons of every drug but actually i don't think its easy or fun because psychedelics and hallucinations can be so serious.
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Welcome Frisk911
Glad to have you here. You are very fortunate to have found the psychedelic experience early although being so young when you did it must have been hard to integrate them. I am glad that you continued along the path. Can you tell us more of your teenage experience with psychedelics. I also sincerely believe that more than the dose it is your intention respect and willingness to surrender and learn that brings you more profound and deep insights on thee magical substances. Profoundly spiritual insights are a grace it cant be forced. I would also love to hear more of your experience reports.
Take care and welcome once again friend.
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