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#1 Posted : 8/22/2022 10:48:09 AM

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Seeing as Silverlight (which the Enigmaticus depends on in order to run) has been defunct for a while, I've decided to archive the Enigmaticus in Flashpoint for those curious about what it is, and for ease-of-access.

It can now be easily downloaded and accessed via Flashpoint Infinity as of version 11. Flashpoint has multiple release branches, but I recommend using the "Flashpoint Infinity" version of the program. (The other version, Flashpoint Ultimate, is for archivists who want to help archive the whole of the Flashpoint archives. Unnecessarily huge for those just wanting to boot up the Enigmaticus).

Once you install and open Flashpoint Infinity, you might need to uncensor the "Drugs" tag in order to be able to see the Enigmaticus. If so, simply click the "Config" tab at the top of the window, find the crossed out eye icon next to the "Otherwise Mature Topics" section, and click it so that the eye is no longer crossed out. If the eye isn't crossed out, you don't need to click it.

Then just click the "Games" tab in the top left of the window, type "Enigmaticus" into Flashpoint's search bar and press enter, click the Enigmaticus and press "Download", and then hit play.

I'll also note that there are some audio tracks missing, (the version of the Enigmaticus still hosted off the homepage currently points to dead subdirectories for most of the audio files), so I recommend relaunching the Enigmaticus 'til an audio track decides to play.

EDIT: I found copies of the missing songs as well as a previous version of the Enigmaticus in an attached file in another old Nexus post, and I've submitted them for addition to the Flashpoint version. I'll update when the next version of Flashpoint is released with the fixed version of the Enigmaticus available on it.

Enjoy! Thumbs up
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#2 Posted : 8/22/2022 11:41:38 PM


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Thanks for doing this! Thumbs up
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#3 Posted : 8/23/2022 7:31:18 AM

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Oh man, this had me stoked!

To see a public part of nexus that i had never been able to see before...

I encountered a few pitfalls first though.

I may have clicked the enigmaticus a second time while it was still installing, and was presented with 'file not found'. This then kept happening, even after Flashpoint said it was now installed with 19.9MB space occupied.

So i tried the manual download link. I was redirected to discord, had to authorise, was redirected back - and got Internal server error 500. This still keeps happening.

Then i had the genius idea to close Flashpoint and start it back up. Now i can enjoy! Love the track that's not missing. I had to start enigmaticus about a dozen times before it chose the available track, guess this is just my unlucky morning Very happy

Nice work HIA, thanks a lot <3

I may try to find some of the missing tracks. If it turns out to stay impossible, what do you think about replacing them with new ones?
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#4 Posted : 8/23/2022 11:23:13 AM

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Ah, yeah, the Flashpoint launchers still seem to be WIPs in many regards, so some bugs may happen, especially since Flashpoint Infinity 11 just released a few days ago. Glad you were able to get around the 'file not found' issue though! As for the website throwing an error 500, I also got that once yesterday, but pasting the link again (and waiting a bit) seemed to work.

In case anyone else has that issue though, this is the link to Flashpoint's submission system's homepage: To get to the manual download for the Enigmaticus you'll have to log in at the top right with Discord, (which is annoying, but their curator community is operated through a Discord server, so, fair enough I suppose) which should redirect you back to the website. Then you can then hover over the "Submissions" tab and click "Browse", and search up "Enigmaticus". Hopefully that works if anyone has issues with the direct link to the Enigmaticus's curation page, otherwise the site may just be having issues at the moment.

Anyway, no problem y'all! Archivism is pretty fun for me, and this has been a nice way of learning how to curate in Flashpoint. Plus it feels nice to preserve this ole piece of Nexus history. Wink

Ok, so while writing this reply I just decided to look through some more posts on this subforum, and I saw mentions of cats being in the Enigmaticus, which made me curious about what it looked like before the (presumably originally planned to be temporary) Christmas theme was added. And I actually managed to find the missing songs! Looks like Trav posted the source files in another thread a while back. From the sounds of it, this is actually the version before it got the Christmassy theme it currently has too. I'll rip copies of the missing songs from this zip file and add them to the current Flashpoint archive of the Enigmaticus, and then I'll see about adding this older version of the Enigmaticus as an alternate version on Flashpoint too. I'll post later when those things are done.
#5 Posted : 8/23/2022 1:44:15 PM

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I may have a copy of one or two of the Gaagh tracks somewhere, if I can find them.

[EDIT - sorry, nothing showing up so far. I hope it's not stuck in that encrypted archive...]

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#6 Posted : 8/26/2022 4:05:01 PM
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I tried running this and I got it to load, but nothing would happen. No buttons or sliders did anything. This might be because I'm running it in a VM, but I haven't had issues running any other applications. I might try running it via the original assets.

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#7 Posted : 10/24/2022 6:59:17 AM

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Like I said, I found copies of the audio tracks that are missing from the currently hosted version of the Enigmaticus, as well as the version of the Enigmaticus attached to one of Trav's old replies down in another thread in this subforum.

Soooo, 2 months of procrastinating on figuring out Flashpoint's asset addition/revision systems, I've finally actually submitted these additions to Flashpoint lol. With that, as of the next version of Flashpoint there will no longer be any missing assets in the program. I'll post when the fixes go live on Flashpoint.

I tried running this and I got it to load, but nothing would happen. No buttons or sliders did anything. This might be because I'm running it in a VM

Odd, If you toggle some of the variables and then press "Launch", they should change. The VM could be an issue I suppose, though I'm not sure. Hopefully it's just that. 😅 The program does have some occasional bugs though, that I think might've always been present in it.

If you like doing archivist type things, please find us Dragon Court Big grin

I could def take a look around for you if you give me some more info, like what form of media it is (Flash game/web series/carrier pigeon letter/etc.) and some descriptive details.
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