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Amanita+liberty caps+harmala tea and chaliponga on the peak...maybe dmt vape to or... Options
#1 Posted : 10/6/2022 8:10:11 PM

DMT-Nexus member

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Hey All! I just got my hands on amanitas and harvested liberty caps on my field. Drunk harmala te already....nice vibe in ma ears,pinal gland?...make bonfire outdoor session ahead! Will give a report how goes....thinking about aya or dmt vape on the peak🤗💗😏

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#2 Posted : 10/6/2022 8:16:40 PM

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No sourcing allowed.
#3 Posted : 10/6/2022 8:59:33 PM

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Did i mention sourcing somewhere? If i did ,just delete it... haha sorry if any
#4 Posted : 10/12/2022 4:43:36 AM

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well if you did not die , how was the trip man?

if you did die please feel free to ignore this message as im sure its hard to reply from a spiritual realm, I bet they don't even have qwerty keyboards there!
I am certifiably insane, as such all posts written by me should be regarded as utter nonsense or attempts to get attention in fact everything I write here is a lie !

I hope in some way, my posts and replies may of helped you, I hope you like what I have said here if not feel free to send me a none flame PM
#5 Posted : 10/13/2022 10:58:41 PM

Boundary condition

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Magyar was definitely alive the other night (11 Oct), or at least has access to the chat from the spirit realm.

“There is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work."
― Jacques Bergier, quoting Fulcanelli
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