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#1 Posted : 8/2/2022 5:07:15 PM
SWIM Someone Who Is Me

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Paradise land, house of wonders, dare me to be true and see that in me and everything surrounding my eternal presence the same life pulse the desire for immortality

Hello friends, brother and sister from the hyperspatial supraluminal realm of the one conciousness

I have entered that space long time ago and aim to heal myself, understanding myself and realizing myself trough psychedelics, science and spirituality

After all that time watching I decide time now to acting

I am doing extended research in the domain of biology, chemistry and physics to implement a new understand of reality and new medicine and technologies for the future..

I am aiming to bring my knowledge and luminal presence to the community, laugh and truthiness of mind, words and action.

You can call me J, love you!



STS is a community for people interested in growing, preserving and researching botanical species, particularly those with remarkable therapeutic and/or psychoactive properties.
#2 Posted : 8/6/2022 12:57:31 PM

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Hi there and welcome to the Nexus!

Glad to see you took an interest on the finer parts of life hehehe Smile

Do you have any plant that is your favourite or that you have worked with more than others?

Also, feel free to jump in the chat room. It's in the upper left side of the forum, it can get kind of slow so 'tis best to leave a tab open and keep it patient!

But where is it written that all our dreams must be small ones?
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