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#1 Posted : 7/13/2022 2:55:28 AM
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I love the Salvador Mundi. I would love have a DMT-ized version.

Any chance someone can do something cool with this piece of art?


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#2 Posted : 7/13/2022 11:55:16 AM

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This AI will do it for you.
ShadedSelf attached the following image(s):
qHI3vew4364epzqXnYJY.jpg (646kb) downloaded 87 time(s).
#3 Posted : 7/13/2022 12:26:45 PM
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awesome.. thank you
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They’re kinda large files. 9-10mb each. Wasn’t sure what your application for it is so made them fairly high rez
#5 Posted : 8/5/2022 1:14:30 PM

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ShadedSelf wrote:
This AI will do it for you.

This is an amazing link, many thanks shaded self

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#6 Posted : 8/6/2022 9:25:29 AM
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That is a cool link! I'm not always the biggest fan of digital art because I'm a painter, but AI art is an interesting concept.
#7 Posted : 8/8/2022 3:03:52 AM

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Maybe it's worth mentioning a recent thread on the AI, craiyon, where some further possibilities may exist. Attached: "Salvator Mundi on DMT" [EDIT: actually Salvador Mundi - the Salvator results were too boring] by craiyon, and two iterations of "Mescaline visions" by the night café AI.
downwardsfromzero attached the following image(s):
craiyon Salvador Mundi on DMT.png (1,287kb) downloaded 14 time(s).
nightcafe mescaline visions evolved cosmic.jpg (45kb) downloaded 14 time(s).
nightcafe mescaline visions re evolved heavenly.jpg (56kb) downloaded 14 time(s).

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