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#1 Posted : 8/4/2022 2:57:14 PM
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Since my first time watching the documentary Other World more than 10 years ago my fascination for psychedelics and particularly DMT never really stop, from making my first ayahuasca brew in the back of the kitchen to the amazon jungle to admisnastration of daily dose of ayahuasca and dmt over long periods of time (months) my goal have always been the same, unlocking the secret of the universe coded in the DNA, the way everything communicate and works in harmony to a greater evolution of conciousness and unlocking the phenomenal potential of our cells that are just dormant in our DNA and wait to be activated.

One of these dormant capacity is obviously the capacity of our brain/body/cells to generate their own chemicals and drugs

And one day it happen, got my first endogenous dmt trip !

Set & setting : Somewhere on a paradise island in the caribbean ocean I took some white kratom to relax and enjoy some music while doing some yoga and meditation like I like to do after a long day of work, at this time I was experimenting with melatonin to put my sleep cycles in order so I took 3mg of melatonin and went lying down of my bed for some guided meditation using binaural beat frequency.

Ok now lets getting into the experience itself

after about a hour or 2 I started triping, nothing strong but like I usually do with mild ayahuasca brew, deep feelings of empathy and lot of understanding on how universal connexion between all beings, human plants and animals are working, also lot of love and orgasmic feelings. I don't really remember getting any sleep but felt very refresh and in high vibration while the sun started going up, and as I woke up I started actually feeling an intense dmt buzz, the colors, the sound, the vision of an infinite point in the center of my vision, I could experience clear telepathic communication with all things around, especially with the cat living next door Big grin
All my interaction with my sourrounding and people around that day where just glowing with that special aura and deep communion that dmt bring, I didnt even want to move from my place or doing anything, everything were just feeling at his place, nothing to do, nowhere to go, everything is here happening in myself procuring a deep contentment that is just enough!
Then a friend came to go hunting for some mushroom around bringing more joy and deepful meanings, as we started walking away from my place and talking about casual stuff the trip started to fade and the release of dmt stopped there.

I did'nt happen again, I have try doing the all same set and setting a few time, so I suppose nothing was directly due neither the kratom, the melatonin, the music or even my practice, but all this permit to breakthrough

This was ~7 month ago

I don't stop looking in that direction, because this dmt is so pure nothing can compare to the one directly produce in myself, I regularly experience small release I can feel it but this time was a complete other level and I am sure this can go mush higherTwisted Evil

It's the first trip report I am redacting so please be indulgent Big grin

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Hi, thanks for sharing this. Sounds beautiful. I have always been a very vivid dreamer and experienced many different forms of dream states while awake and while in deep sleep. Had an amazingly powerful one last night even while lying semi-awake in bed. The strange part was that the intensity of the dream had just turned frightening as was defending myself from some violent event. I was at that exact moment disturbed by my child waking in a fearful state.

Caribbean paradise sounds wonderful. Wish I was there.
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Ashtray770 wrote:
Hello there

While this was a fun read I wish you wouldnt speak in such absoutles. At the end of the day you have no evidence or even the slightest bit of proof that this was "the first endogenous DMT trip" as there isnt even enough evidence to confirm that humans make large enough amounts of endogenous DMT to have a psychedelic experience from it. I would caution against using absoutle language when its absolutely impossible to back up your claims.

Otherwise, fun read. But I think you just got deep into meditation, I dont think it had absolutely anything to do with dmt.

Yeah... Very happy It's best to practice temperance with our convictions.

Glad you had such an amazing experience though.

One love
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There have been people before, who've experienced something psychedelic, after having taken melatonin.

I could be wrong, but i believe it was mis_manic_minxx, who wrote about such an experience, many years ago.

It must be extremely rare, and we can only speculate about what mechanisms may be involved here ofcourse. But apparently, it does happen sometimes.
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First thing I remember is being "lock out", like I went into a full trip but whatever happened there could not come down here.
It felt as if a dam was holding and blocking a huge current of water made of golden, intricate fractal paterns, though some of it started to slip thorugh the sides, and I guess it wasnt able to fully hold it... and I was launched back in.
I remember being sucked into space, at first I was kinda scared and it felt like it took multiple attemps to get things started, if that makes any sense.

Finally as I let go and I was fully launched, I traveled through what felt to be the universe, I could feel and see every star and atom.
There was this feeling of comfort while going thorugh this "pipe" that I was being launched through, not a physical pipe but rather an "magnetic conduit" of sorts.
I also felt like I was in a queue, just waiting to get to my destination, and I didnt feel alone there even thought I didnt see anyone else.

At some point I started to feel a blockage in my throat, like energy was building up and couldnt go past that point, and even thought I tried to push past it a few times at some point it became clear that that was the end of the journey, I thought to myself that this felt like I was "almost there".
I was feeling very tired of all the attempts to get past that blockage, and my whole "body" (it felt more like a vehicle), was getting out of phase or tune.
At this point I gave up and immediatley I felt this flame "pop" in my throat, like a bunch of gasoline bursting into flames in an engine cylinder, which felt a bit relieving, and I slowly woke up.

I wrote down this dream a while ago, I have only done very low doses of DMT, but I thought this sounded somewhat similar to what some people describe their experience to be.
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