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#1 Posted : 6/23/2022 11:46:56 AM
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Hello guys I am a psychonaut who loves tripping balls very well.
Everything is nice, psilocybin, DMT, acid.
Eat a lot and trip.
My rule is to eat more! Little doses are not very significant to me.
Shrooms are good at 10 grams (cubensis), DMT is good aya, aya drink aya a lot. And of course acid acid is classics, classics of psychedelics too.
I love to trip and explore the world. Travel and joking with friends.
Life is a proces of learning and improving soul.
I would like to be a part of this community Smile


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#2 Posted : 6/25/2022 12:46:31 PM
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It looks forum is died or I don't know.
How are you?
#3 Posted : 6/25/2022 12:55:51 PM

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Forum is not dead, a bit slow maybe but still alive Smile

But also, Im sure you can have a little patience and wait more than 2 days for replies..

That sounds like quite a hefty mushroom dose you are talking about. When I was younger I used to eat a lot of mushrooms but now I'm way more sensitive to it. So be careful because your sensitivity can also change with time (and of course, be careful not recommending others to take same dosage as yourself because that is not a normal dose for most people)

When you take psychedelics, whats your favourite setting? Do you prefer taking alone, with friends, in nature, at home, in festivals ?

Be well
#4 Posted : 6/26/2022 11:07:12 PM

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Yeah, that's a lot of mushrooms, I've been there. I was also one of those naive youths that recommended my friends take 7g because that was how much I took my first time and had always managed that amount well. I look back and feel some guilt, but try to forgive myself as I was pretty naive and new to psychedelics at the time over a decade ago?

My sensitivity has also increased with time, and at present go that far. If you're mindful, you may be surprised at the wonders and beauty that one can experience on lower levels of psychedelic experiences, that while subtle, are no less valuable that the ones with obvious wonder and beauty.

It's good to have you.

One love
What if the "truth" is: the "truth" is indescernible/unknowable? Then the closest we get is through being true to and with ourselves.

Know thyself, nothing in excess, certainty brings insanity- Delphic Maxims

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Question everything... including questioning everything... There's so much I could be wrong about and have no idea...
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#5 Posted : 6/26/2022 11:58:49 PM

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