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This was my first time vaping DMT in March this year. It's also my very first post in this forum Smile

My second time extracting. This time everything went the way the TEK showed. The final crystals were a light yellow, flaky, and smelled lightly of a waxy flower - honeysuckle, jasmine-ey. Like Spring. It was a lovely surprise that filled me with confidence.

I dissolved 350 mg into .35 mls of PEG 400. I let it sit for two hours and it became a yellow liquid. It still smelled good. I rubbed a little on my wrists to enjoy the smell. I then put it into a .35 ml cartridge with a blunt tipped syringe and let it sit for the day.

L, my friend, had set up a cozy space in his home for the evening experience. I had been antsy and nervous all day. A couple of nights before I had woken in a strange kind of ecstatic almost 5meo dmt space, but more complex, like I was a universal yin yang symbol. As I woke, I was convinced that this was the space of DMT before the DMT.

I sat on the cozy mat, L beside me. I was holding the pen, enjoying the familiarity of it from working with 5meo dmt with a vape pen. Feeling a little skittish, but somehow calmed by the familiar sensation of pen in hand, I took in a long inhale, eyes closed. Very quickly I felt a tingling down the outside of my arms into the outside of my hands. It was enlivening, and I began to ‘see’ round white lights bubbling up into the tingling exterior lines of lower arms and hands.

I suddenly felt such confidence, ease and grace in this space, as well as delight in the 'recognition' of it as beloved. I felt myself as my entire mouth blossoming into a smile, and I very slowly eased onto my back as I became the dance of the swirling geometry infused with white light.

Then I went again. A longer toke. The plastic taste, and it is harsh on my throat. Once again the tingling, the smile and the swirling dance of color and shape. I was the smile, the light, all the color and shape, as well as the particular stillness at the core of this space. I became the orgasmic ecstatic expression of it. I remember sound spontaneously arising through the core of my being, bubbling up through my throat and out my mouth in a universal orgasmic, resonant space. My arms and hands bathed by the tingling lights, my body moving bilaterally, pulsing with rhythm, light and ecstatic movement. It reminds me of the tingling powerful sensation I had when in my teens, I saw pictures of Goddesses with many hands and eyes and hand postures. I remember back then feeling the essence of goddess throughout my body, my own many eyes, limbs and mudras. And it both amazed and frightened me to be feeling this energy running through my body. And here I am so many years later, again. The goddess through my extended multiple arms; she arising in my throat, sounding, dancing, expressing, being.

Both separate trips were around 30/40 minutes each. As I came down from this, the slowness of returning surprised me. I tried to sit up, but was sluggish and clumsy, so I stayed with with the ebbing flow of pattern and light for a little longer. When I finally sat up, I felt warm, fluffy, mammalian, and I could see the utter beauty of being human, being myself. I could see myself from above as a warm lovely creature huddled in blankets, sitting beside my dearly loved friend as he took his first toke. My very own sweetness, warmth, joy, and kindness radiating and mingling with his.

I was surprised by how familiar this space felt. I didn’t go through doors, or meet entities. For this first time, I simply met myself in a space of ecstasy, joy, synaesthetic color, and movement.


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