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Hello NEXUS!!!
Joined the nexus today and this is my first official post so please feel free to give as much constructive criticism as needed also feel free to redirect me if I missed a post all ready covers this topic. I did scan over the forum to find answers yet I'm still left wondering a few questions regarding acacia.

Q1: what are the dangers of using acacia phyllodes.
Q2: Are there ways to remove dangerous alkaloids from extractions.
Q3: do some NPS not pull dangerous alks.
Q4: is bark always safe to extract from.
Q5: are there species of acacia known to be unsafe for extraction.

To catch you all up to speed I recently did an extract on unidentified acacia phyllodes and yeilded some waxy crystals but currently don't have access to tlc kits, I don't plan on smoking the extract until I at least know what it is, yet I am very eager to bio essay.
Any information one can give would be greatly appreciated I believe the species was either acacia longifolia, acacia floribunda or acacia mucronata longifolia, hope that helps.

Thanks for any reply sorry for the scrappy post am in a bit of a rush.

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