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#1 Posted : 6/17/2022 8:53:10 PM
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I often come here as a simple reader to learn about dmt, entheogens and other psychoactive drugs in general. I have an eating disorder and it has been destroying me for a while now. I'm posting here to see if any nexians could help me: I'm 20 years old and I weigh 246lb for 176cm, I have purple stretch marks all over my body as if I had been scratched by a bear. My disorder is that I have to swallow inhuman amounts of food to make my brain calm down or fall asleep even though my body can't take it or I have to lie down because my stomach hurts too much. Tonight, I just unsubscribed from uber eats hoping not to come back despite the fact that I've uninstalled this demon app several times but this time it will be the first time I unsubscribe despite the fact that you can go back if you reconnect within 30 days (long live capitalism..). I've been learning about dmt for a long time and I'm waiting for my gvg before doing an extraction. In the meantime I am also learning about ketamine, which fascinates me almost as much as dmt fascinated me when I discovered its existence. What fascinates me the most about ketamine is that it's so easy to use and doesn't require much knowledge or know-how to indure experiences like khole with near death experiences, multiverse, all that. So before I use dmt, I plan to try khole on ketamine with an intramuscular injection from a street source and in a non-medical setting hoping that it will make me see my life in a different light and maybe even make me see other interesting perspectives that can alleviate my eating disorders that are destroying my psyche and making me feel like a sub-human. Do other people use entheogens or psyches to reduce or relieve their disorders?


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Sorry to hear about your difficult situation! I think it's great that you're looking for a solution, as your situation is clearly something that inhibits your well-being.

I have no personal experience with ketamine, but the idea of injecting something you got from the streets seems risky to me. DMT is mind-shattering, but in my experience, helps little to change (eating) habits.

For this issue, you might be more successful using psilocybin. Mushrooms or truffles are great for changing ingrained habits. They might make it easier to try something like intermittent fasting, starting to exercise, cutting sugar out of your diet, and/or adapting a vegan diet. Moreover, mushrooms should be relatively easy to get your hands on, and are also pretty easy to use. Their safety and effectiveness is well documented. Do keep in mind that radically changing your diet might not be without risk. Do the necessary research and consult a professional if necessary.

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What do you think could be the cause of your brain not being calm?
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I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice.

It sounds like your eating disorder may be tied to an anxiety disorder.

I highly recommend trying to find a clinic that provides ketamine therapy sessions rather than using some from an unknown source with unknown purity using a method that you may not be the most familiar with. There's a lot of red flags for such an approach from a harm-reduction standpoint.

DMT can be helpful in that it can help you learn to calm yourself but learning to endure and stay calm during the experience. It also tends to have a nice afterglow which can also lend itself to more calming states as well. I also agree that mushrooms can be used to reprogram thinking, but it takes active work inside and outside the space to do so and will also take time. The more deeply ingrained the the programming the longer it takes to reprogram.

Cannabanoids such as CBD and CBN may be helpful for your situation as well.

To directly answer your question, I use psychedelics, particularly DMT and mushrooms, to assist me with debilitating double-depression, reverse seasonal-effective disorder, and anxiety. There's a long list of ways in which they help and keep me going in life.

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Hi Azur! I also believe that psilocybin has a lot of therapeutic value and is quite safe for beginners in moderate doses in a good setting.

Also, I think that you may put too much strain on yourself if you try to resolve this just on your own. There are many professionals out there who have years of education and practice in helping to deal specifically with issues like you have. There are often perspectives we fail to see when we get stuck with bad loops of thought and behavior. It can be extremely relieving to have someone lend you hand. We are not alone in this world with our suffering even though it may often seem like that.

If finding just the right professional seems too daunting a task, just begin the path somewhere. Paying the plumber may save you lots of money if you don't really know how to fix the pipes yourself.

Ketamine may relieve you from your anxiety for a while, but it will come back if you can't get the underlying issues fixed.

You already have the motivation to put things in order. This is the first and often the biggest step one needs to take. Best of luck!
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Ketamine raises something of a red flag for me here.

Ketamine can be quite more-ish for certain types of people.

It seems fair to say that you have a certain level of impulse control issues, and that these also relate to achieving a state of sedation.

It's also worth mentioning that habitual misuse of ketamine can be linked causally with subsequent cognitive deficits, and with bladder and urinary issues.

I would strongly advise that you research this one very carefully before proceeding.

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Thank you for your comments,

I don't know the "direct" cause, I think I'm like that since my short existence, rather introverted, for a certain period I'm ashamed of I looked at other humans as enemies but I think it changed when I started hanging out on forums thinking that what I know today and the knowledge I had all the time via internet, movies I watched or music I listened to are the basis for social relationships or cooperation between people.

I am now trying to change my introverted personality even though it is not easy to change overnight a person you have been for since birth.

I understand your recommendation that ketamine is not optimal for risk reduction but I am curious to try it and will take optimal precautions although I cannot do therapy in a medical setting because of the country I am in.

I will keep you posted on this and my experiences with dmt when I receive my gvg. I sent an email to vaporgenie support this morning telling them that I think I was scammed when I bought a glass sherlock on a French site and that I find the reception time excessively long: 7 weeks waiting since the date of my order.

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