Michael Pollan on habitual caffeine use Options
#41 Posted : 6/19/2022 12:33:27 AM

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downwardsfromzero wrote:
...Sometimes I round things off with a mug of a high-theanine variety which is so relaxing during the daytime that I usually have to take a nap after drinking it.

What are a 'high-theanine variety'? I thought that green yea is generally high in theanine but according yo wikipedia and this study there seems to be more in cheap loose black tea.

My own caffeine habits are to start the day with some Yerba mate after breakfast. I've thought that mate didn't effect the mineral absorption negatively as black or green tea does when taken together with food, but now when doing sore reading on the subject it seems like it's almost as bad. Being vegan I like to get as the minerals (like iron) as I can. Now I have tho think about changing my morning drink Smile

Then at the middle of the day I always grind my home roasted coffee beans for one cup of drip coffee. That is as close to a daily ritual I have.

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#42 Posted : 6/29/2022 4:56:24 PM

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2 cups of coffee/day for me, 3 if I need to push through tiredness. Used to do one day with caffeine, then 1 - 2 days off. It was effective for avoiding tolerance and without withdrawal effects. 2 days on is enough to put me in withdrawal (mild of course) the next day.

Does anyone else get problems with insomnia when using L-theanine? I used to use ~200mg with no issue (and really appreciated it), now 100mg will consistently cause me to wake at 2 - 3am. I have very few issues with sleep otherwise.
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