An easy way to make full spectrum Changa/Enhanced Leaf Options
#1 Posted : 5/12/2014 10:52:17 PM
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This kinda thing has been mentioned before here on the Nexus but i've ultimately made a few changes and came up with my own way of doing it. All that is required is the DMT-containing plant, washing soda (which can be made from heating baking soda in the oven at 400 degrees for an hour) and the solvent of your choice, though i use 91% to 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (preferably the 99%). I'm sure Naptha could potentially work as the solvent, same with Methanol, of course Acetone, and others.

Step 1 - Brew on up the DMT-containing plant by doing a few boils and filter each boil off into a big pot, combining the boils.

Step 2 - Boil/reduce the brew down and then pour it into a smaller pot to boil/reduce again down to about 100mls or less, but 200mls max.

Step 3 - Once the brew is cooled down (room temp/cool to the touch), toss in enough washing soda to soak up all the liquid, stirring it in and then let it dry. At this point, the brew is dried to the washing soda (and is freebased) and all one has to do then is pull from the dry paste with their solvent a few times.

Step 4 - Pull with the solvent, i usually pull atleast 6 times with warm/heated Iso (i keep the jar with the washing soda/brew paste and Iso on a candle warmer with the jars lid off), then filter off and evaporate the pulls, one of the following two ways. Evaporate the pulls straight onto an amount of some sort of herb, or evaporate the pulls in something that has been weighed beforehand and can be weighed afterwards to determine your yield for which you can then determine the correct amount of herb(s) you'll need... then after determining yield, simply soak the freebase oil back up with some fresh warm solvent and if needed use your finger to mix the freebase oil back into the solvent (and clean your finger afterwards with a little more solvent just incase you have any freebase on your finger) and then evaporate the solvent onto an amount of herb(s).

To put it simply, if for any reason you'd want smokable DMT, it's as easy as brewing on up the plant, filtering it a few times, boiling/reducing the brew down to about a hundred mls or less. Once cooled, toss in enough washing soda so that it soaks up all the liquid, then you wait for it to dry. Then you simply do a few pulls from the dry paste with a solvent and evaporate the pulls/solvent onto an amount of herb(s). It really is that easy.

This gives you freebased full spectrum extract of any DMT-containing plant.

And just as a btw, if for any reason you have any residual base in your end result (like if you're using 91% Iso), one can simply give the Changa a quick water rinse and the base should come on off but the extract should stay in place. Also, when evaporating the pulls you might have some freebase oil stick to the sides of whatever you're evaporating it in, and so i usually just wet my finger with some solvent, and rub my finger across the places where the oil is and then be sure to wash my finger off with a little more solvent. This ensures you get every last little bit that you possibly can.

And for filtering, coffee filters work great Smile

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Love it, it uses readily available chemicals to extract and really makes the whole process seem easy.

Which plants have you successfully extracted from using this tek? Is your yields for this tek comparable to other teks? You mentioned it's the full spectrum freebase (for whichever plant you're currently extracting), but isn't that determined by what solvent is used or are you able to extract a full spectrum with IPA? Also, would 95% distilled spirits work with this tek (aka Everclear)?
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#3 Posted : 5/14/2014 7:47:32 PM
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I've used Mimosa and Acacia to extract from using this method, and the yield i would say seems just as good as the yields for other teks.

About the full spectrum, as far as i know the IPA does indeed pull a full spectrum extract, as for other solvents though i can't say for sure, except for Acetone which i've also used and it seemed to work too. And i'm not sure but perhaps Naptha would be able to freeze precipitate the crystals with this method much like it does with other methods?

As for the Everclear, that should work, but if it's 95% alcohol and 5% water, that water will end up grabbing some base (like 91% iso would do as well). So i would evaporate the pulls down, and then resoak up the freebase oil extract preferably with 99% iso, but if you can't get 99% iso, use your Everclear to resoak it all up, and then evaporate away onto a gram or two of some herb. If necessary, you can always give your enhanced leaf/Changa a quick water rinse which should rinse off any base that may remain but shouldn't mess with the extract at all. I've used Everclear before, and it ain't cheap either, so if you can find a cheaper solvent with more quantity, go for it.
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mmh, sounds great Smile

one question to step 4:
Do you really only mix the dried freebase-oil with your solvent (ipa) and filter it with an coffee-filter? Afterwards, take the stuff from the filter to do another pull with the solvent?

and the result is something like "JimJam", pulled with Xylene?

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Well i do my pulls with the iso, the iso usually pours out of the jar while most of the washing soda/dried brew stays in the jar. Only a little bit of washing soda is caught in the coffee filter and i usually just put whatever is in the filter, back in the jar to be pulled from again with the rest of the washing soda/dried brew.

The resulting pulls when evaporated, does leave what looks like jimjam.
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thank you Sabnock Smile

will do some tests and give you a feedback
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you can take epsom salts and process them similar to how you are converting your sodium bicarb into carb (btw you are overdoing it, not that there is much harm in doing that)

filter your isopropyl (preferably 99%, if you are trying to get it as dry as possible) through the baked salts.

this will dry out the iso as much as possible to reduce base contam.
it would probably more efficient to do an extraction with wet iso, and then clean it up with dry.

but yea i don't see how this is much easier than a non-polar extraction. to each their own
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IME putting anhydrous washing soda in IPA dries it up quite nicely and works for 95% EtOH too. IPA is particularly handy as it is immiscible with strong sodium carbonate solutions.

Anhydrous sodium carbonate is easily made by toasting sodium bicarbonate in a nice, clean stainless steel saucepan.

I like sodium carbonate paste basification - using anhydrous helps dry up the paste nice and quickly. Below 37 C each teaspoon of Na2CO3 soaks up nearly twice its weight of water. So easy!

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Damn Jamie, nice one Razz

I wonder why i never came across that post before.
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Thank you so much, this is the kind of information I am looking for!

I have two questions:

1) İs washing soda the only material that can be used to soak the concentrated tea in? How about ash or clay?

2) Could this procedure be straight up done with an oral brew of harmala and dmt plant? Would the harmala concentration be too high for changa?

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