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#1 Posted : 5/25/2022 2:00:35 AM

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Went to the forest with a friend, and we took 20mg in a Davinci IQ vape at 160c.

After holding the second hit for about 20 seconds my body felt like crystalizing, a visual "sonic-boom" like barrier was crossed and everything was brighter, I suddenly saw the stars in a cloudy sky, the trees started glowing and branching in a fractal-like fashion, my hands branched in a similar way.

I looked at my friend that was holding the vape for me, and he was semi-transparent, his veins glowing, very similar to some drawings out there.

I closed my eyes, and a huge blue/green fractal mandala-like picture was moving all around like millions of crystals fit together in some ancient islamic temple, then some entities with triangular hats started dancing around with some drums, after which all went away except one, that sat down next to me and placed its hands in my head and sent some images I can't remember now.

A bit of anxiety crawled up about me forgetting to go to the bathroom before the experience, really hoped I wouldn't let "everything go".. that slowed down the visuals a bit, after about 5min everything went back to reality as fast as it went away from it.

Overall a good experience, didn't broke through since I was still able to move and look around tho.

Hope next time things go better Very happy

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#2 Posted : 5/25/2022 2:28:33 AM
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Hello, I too am new at this. Sounds like you got closer than I did. We will try again eh?Wink
#3 Posted : 5/25/2022 5:56:17 PM

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In my experience as a fairly new traveler, that feeling of needing to use the bathroom will fade as more journeys are made. Doesn't hurt to alleviate yourself before hand though Smile

Glad you had such a wonderful sounding experience, and best wishes for future endeavors into the unwavering "otherness".
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