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I recently met Julian Palmer (Creator of Changa) and he introduced me to this new medicine he is working with that is showing even more effective results than Iboga for micro-dosing.

I find it quite zen.. something is definitely happening in the background..

Anyone have experience with this?
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is there any data on tabernathe manii ? also have you taken iboga before
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There's a nexus posted on here from 12 years ago about it not much was found then.

T. Manii according tot he literature contains ibogaine. A T Manii product was marketed in France up until Iboga became illegal in 1970, by that time it was being sold as a tablet and contain 8mg of ibogaine per tablet under the name Lambare`ne.

Old nexus post:

Edit: A paper from 1993 quotes a study from 1939 that T Manii root extract contained 6% alkaloids of which 4% was iboga. According to that paper T Manii is also known as T. Subsessilis. Can't find the French article from 1939 but it could have a breakdown of alakloids in it?
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