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in all honesty i don't think this is due to drug interaction. your mood may have been effected in what made you think about what was happening, but I have never done MDMA or any other drug other than cannabis and I have had very similar experiences from smoking DMT.

recently a friend was with me while I smoked and he smoked too passing the bong back and for, we both felt connected. I had a music track playing while we smoked. I stopped the music with my mind at several points while laying on the bed it paused and started again.

I didn't say anything to my friend because i thought he wouldnt believe me and the first thing he said after our trip was that was crazy i could feel you in my trip and you were stopping and starting the music with your mind.

Im thinking of experimenting with being micro dosed on DMT for a few days to see what things I can effect. Ill let you know after my exams my results.


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kokopelli wrote:
i know i was 'high' while the event took place. That doesnt mean that i was delusional. I have witnesses. Im just trying to understand what happened. The MDMA in combination with the dmt raised my vibrational state to a level where i was able to manifest onto our reality.

Is their anyone who for a moment will take what im saying seriously? i know that might be difficult for some of you but please.

I have no idea of the physics background of people here. According to our current understanding of the universe nothing im saying is impossible. Quantum mechanics shows how consciousness directly affects matter ( just youtube double slit experiment) and many of the leading scientific theories currently suggest we are in a holographic reality, as well their being an infinite number of parallel universes.

All i know is what happened, and the science, so the best i can do is come up with strange sounding theories, which is why im asking if anyone else who has had anything similar to come forward. It may sound crazy and you may think it was just in your head but please tell me.

( i took so much MDMA because i dont take things for recreation , i take everything at high doses to get the effect needed, this is all part of my research into consiousness and reality )

I understand where you're coming from. One time way back in 1991, three friends and I were tripping on a combination of Mushrooms and really clean blotter LSD.
We all saw the same things that night. We all saw at once, floating 'orbs' of blue, green, yellow, purple and they were weaving in and out of the trees which were in the woods out past the backyard ...
When we went to go into the woods to investigate, we all, at the same time, got a strong urge NOT to go into the woods but to stay in the moonlit field instead so we all turned in tandem, without suggesting it first, and made a haste retreat out of there. It was a full moon that night and we looked up across the field to see 'shadow people' ..a whole bunch of them, crossing the moonlit field..we all thought they were coming over but they'd just fade away once they got to a certain distance from us.
While we were talking about the lights and then the shadow people, we saw a huge white light coming down the road which was in front of the house. We were in the backyard and we thought it was a car, being all tripped out, we all started running towards the back steps go into the house. When we got up the stairs, we saw that the light began to shine into the driveway, as if someone was pulling in, we all ran into the house, straight through to the front living room window to see who was pulling in at this time of the morning [[ It was really late, maybe 3 or 4 in the morning ]]
Thats when we all jumped onto the couch. looked out and saw this huge white light just shoot straight up and it was gone..into the clear starry night ...
All of our heads snapped upwards in sync with one another..we all saw it at the same time and we spent the rest of the trip questioning whether or not we REALLY saw it and that we all saw it together, no less! We went over it, each of us retelling over and over what each of us saw and by the time we were done, we had no doubts any longer that something truly mysterious happened that night.
Another time I and a few friends went to a place called 'devils hopyard', at midnight, on halloween night, tripping on mushrooms, listening to black sabbath ..
well, when we got there, we ALL saw a huge black mass of a 'person' shaped 'thing' cross the entrance to the park .. we know we all saw it because we all screamed when it crossed in front of us ..we aren't the only ones to have seen it either, its actually made the papers after a few kids practicing martial arts, got beat up by it ! [[ 5 Charged After `Supernatural' Encounter http://articles.courant....-arts-instructor-pastor ]]
I myself have been shown, only what I can call 'the fabric of space and time', so, I know it can get really really heavy and be very difficult to understand. I think much of it is BEYOND our understanding really but I take comfort in 'knowing' that everything is going just as it should and we will all turn out okay in the 'end of the age', whatever that may be ...
There are many accounts of people experiencing 'supernatural' or just plain 'unexplained' events, simultaneously, while tripping on some Entheogen or combinations of thereof.
Seeing as many Natives to this day regard these substances as the connection to the 'spirit world' and the mind of the Universe, it doesn't baffle me see to why we have mind blowing experiences with one another while tripping.... Here is a really mind blowing report you may want to read, involving mushrooms combined with syrian rue ... syrian rue is known for its 'power' to cause telepathy in people and many have reported such revelations. Syrian Rue, in fact, 'Harmine' was once called 'Telepathine' before it was changed [[ "Telepathine was originally thought to be the active chemical constituent of Banisteriopsis caapi, a key plant ingredient in the preparation of ayahuasca; a sacramental beverage from the Amazon. This isolated chemical was so named because of the reported effects of Ayahuasca among the indigenous users, including: collective contact with and/or visions of jaguars, snakes, and jeweled birds, and ancestral spirits; the ability to see future events; and as the name suggests, telepathic communication among tribal members. It was assumed to be a newly discovered chemical at the time, however, it was soon realized that Telepathine was already more widely known as "harmine" from its previous discovery in Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue)." ]] - you should check this out, then you may not feel so 'crazy' anymore,lol! But I try to stay away from sharing these things from people who have no interest in such matters, because those kind of people can actually get me to think that I AM crazy, that what we've experienced is nothing special and all in our minds ...Thats what I suggest you do, be very careful with who you share these things with, that way you can preserve what we know to be a very special thing - the Mystery known as the 'unexplained' or 'supernatural' and beyond : http://www.bibliotecaple...ociopol_archivetc11.htm
Everything I say here happened in My own Imagination. The more fantastic it sounds, the more you can count on it being in the realm of Dreams,
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Shared a wonderful synergistic experience with full spectrum DMT on the tail end of an MDMA experience.
Very smoothly was inducted into a matrix, open eyed and in nature for the first time.

Coincidentally, the consensus between the three of us was that we were hacking the perception of our realities and curing the guilt of our failings.

I wish I could explain it better but what an overwhelmingly healing experience.

A perfect synergy.
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kokopelli wrote:

iv been doing dmt for a while and it was all good and 'normal' going to hyperspace. But recently every time i do it i stay here in this reality, like my eyes are open and im looking at things here except that it looks different. My hands look weird, the place im in looks super HD as if im in hyperspace. And the trees... they do strange things... like a huge tree with thick branches will suddenly, literally, blink of an eye change to a completely different tree, and it keeps doing it, many times, until the dmt wears off. So im just staring at a tree for 10-15 mins mouth open like wtf.

My best theory is that since we live in a hologram, and consciousness directly affects realty, that somehow via DMT im 'hacking the matrix'. or im just going insane lol

however their was another strange incident a few days ago, i tried MDMA for the first time, i took 500mg and then an hour later another 500mg. I didnt think that mdma was so psychedelic. I remember being able to look into the computer, behind the characters on the screen. After that i put on one of my youtube videos, a recording i made in the amazon of ayahuasca icaros.

Thats when shit got real weird, i was the only person on MDMA my friends were just on weed. I have shown them the video many many times. But this time all of us saw that the video was completely different. Its basically a slideshow with the singing in the background. Every single image was different. They were images similar to the ones that were their before but we were all sure they were new images. heres the video just so you get the idea .

The images are back to normal now, but that night they were different. Either my consciousness was directly manifesting those images onto to video or those images were coming from a parallel universe. The next day my friends acknowledged that the video had changed but that it was probably 'auto-updating from my phone'. Thats just not possible.

GUys trust me i know how this sounds, everyone thinks im insane and i seriously have questioned my own sanity. Please if anyone else has had any similar matrix hacking experiences please tell me. if my friends hadnt also noticed the changes i would of just said i was tripping balls that night, but im sure something is going on. maybe a glitch in the hologram? i really have no idea. I probably still had dmt in my system when i took the MDMA, and im thinking the dmt is the key to manifesting reality.

MDMA can be incredibly trippy/psychedelic. A certain amount of MDMA is metabolised into MDA, and MDA is particularly psychedelic.

I think that certain people have an enzyme imbalance which causes MDMA to convert to MDA at a significantly higher degree. I am definitely one of those people, as are many of my friends. This could easily cause you to think that all the images were different, and influencing your friends opinions.

That said, I'm not saying that something weird isn't going on when this happens and you're tripping on MDMA/MDA. But just as DMT is the facilitator for all the weirdness in hyperspace, the MDMA/metabolised MDA was probably the facilitator in all of this.

Related reading:

P.s, some of the things I've witnessed on MDMA/MDA:
*Tents disappearing at festivals
*Monks hiking down the side of a motorway
*A building in a city centre turn into a cruise liner
*The lights above a bar turn into a bustling Asian metropolis, which disappeared with the departure of a high speed train
*A lorry driving along a bicycle track
*An inanimate object in a friends back yard turn into about ten different animals with the power of his suggestion
*A borrower cycle past on a bike

It's pretty common for people on MDA to experience shared hallucinations. It's certainly what I'd consider a synchronistic substance.
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Ive had the reality hacking trip a few times. Usually their is an authority presence that is in control and one is finally shown the truth. This truth is a battleground between the authority and the rebellion. I am taking 30mg duloxetine so its possible these kind of hallucinations occur more frequently with tryptamine and ssri/mdma combinations.
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Yesss!!! I thought I was the only one that experienced this. Everyone I've told looks at me like I'm out of my mind. So let me explain what I saw because once I noticed this crazy phenomenon, I began trying to recreate it and was successful. I don't take a huge amount, just enough to start seeing the world around me sway and move around me. Now, I first noticed when I glanced at my room fan. It was a box fan and it was turned off so the blades were not moving. I blinked my eyes and instantly the position of the fan blades was in a different orientation. This would happen instantly EVERYTIME my eyes blinked. Sometimes the actual shape of the fan blades would change from rounded to squared off. I then began to study my hands because these too seemed to either switch configurations or pose in the blink of an eye without any feeling of movement at all. Here's the best experiment I came up with and this is bonkers. I was smoking out of a glass bong with multicolored glass tubes that went down the center and a mouth piece that extended from the top left of it. I'd take a hit and start blinking my eyes....the tubes inside would instantly switch colors. Not just that but the configuration of the bong itself changed shape ever so slightly
The mouthpiece switched sides, the tubes inside were longer or shorter, the entire length would look longer or shorter. The only thing I can think of causing this is that in quantum physics there's an interesting saying and it says that quantum physics tells us that nothing is left unaffected by the observer. This statement holds enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth because everyone is creating what they see. I don't know but I'm assuming DMT has some kind of strange ability to show us exactly that. We create our surroundings by ourselves. It's quite bizarre but I'm going to try some more experimenting to try to learn more.
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