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This is a bit of a read... just a warning.

Screens in general are very interesting on psycs. With mushrooms i used to swear i could see background images while watching videos on YouTube (my PC is hooked to my TV). DMT however DEFINITELY has made me aware of someone or something that is on/in these devices. It hasn't stopped me from using them. In fact its only made me more interested... which has come back to bite me a couple times.

One day i was visiting the lower non-breakthrough levels of hyperspace, when i opened my eyes to realize that the video that had been playing on my TV had become really bright, the majority of the screen was white. I then noticed what looked like runes or sigils on the screen. There weren't morphing or changing, they were very specific characters/designs, with distinct sections separated by lines. Not geometric nor symmetric. Thinking about it now it was similar what you might see in the Dr Strange movies. My first impression was that either the DMT was removing a filter that's placed over our reality which then allowed me to see this hidden field of imagery or I was seeing a slice of a higher dimension. It gave me this feeling like i was either being controlled/restricted or monitored.

I have nearly perfect color vision when sober. I've aced every color acuity test i've taken online and off. I can noticed even the smallest variations in color tone/hue. I think this maybe one of the things that allows me to perceive these glyphs.

I decided to do some experimenting to see if i could gain more insight into what this writing was. Using a vape pen to allow for controlled administration i repeatedly brought myself to that level around 5 times in a row. Each time the letters were similar, yet different. Like different runes but in a similar layout. The problem was that my TV is about 10 feet away from my couch, and the symbols were small, even if i managed to walk closer to the TV, they didn't get bigger. Also my eyesight isn't great at a distance. So i got the bright idea to instead use my IPAD with a blank white screen. To see if i could more easily see these symbols up close. grabbed the vape pen, and within moments i was seeing these symbols so clear and crisp. They were moving, but not changing shape. They had a curvature to them. Like i was viewing something that was written on a sphere that i was inside of. Thinking about it now, i wonder if i was viewing them backwards. Like if you were inside your car and someone wrote Hello on your window from the outside you would see it as backward and mirrored. As i focused on the letters to try to figure out what they could possibly mean i started to get a headache, and then i realized that something wasn't right. I remember saying "please be careful. There's only so much my human mind can handle" I then opened my eyes (i don't remember closing them) to find my hand clasped around the back of my neck and i am squeezing it because it has become engorged. The back of my neck was ACTUALLY swollen, i could feel it pulsing. I felt like i was dying. I could feel my energy draining and could barely move. I started apologizing, and asking why this was happening. It felt like i was perhaps getting too close to learning something i shouldn't or i had connected to some info source that was trying to upload/download info to/from me at a rate that i was having trouble handling.

Once i could move again and hear the music in my room I tossed the IPAD away from me and eventually after what was probably 5 minutes the swelling had gone down and i started to feel "normal" again. I sat there doubled over on my couch, trying to make sense of what had just happened, but every time i thought about the symbols my head started hurting.

I've seen since, but i generally try to ignore them. One time i recognized them in a different scenario, a more powerful trip and i saw them with my eyes closed in more vivid detail. I remember being shown or understanding that they were some form of subliminal advertising/marketing/manipulation tool.

Reminds me a little of those movies where someone suddenly gets the ability to see things as they really are. Like "They Live" or "Branded".

Has anyone else encountered these sigil fields/auras? I've been tempted to do more testing to try and maybe write down some of what i see (i had originally planned to trace over the symbols on my ipad screen with my apple pen, but that didnt happen lol). but im not looking forward to what i experienced before. Feel free to DM me if you want to discuss if you dont want to post in this thread.

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Runes are quite common open eye visual people see on DMT. One of the first times I took DMT I remember seeing these runes running on my arms. Another, very profound experience, I remember seeing the walls of my home covered in these runes and they were constantly changing. I thought they were Mayan, but can't say of course. They were changing so rapidly that it was impossible to write anything down. It felt like a massive source code or reality.

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I don't think what you are saying is "them" manipulating us via computer screens.

Sounds rather like a mild "lets lay off psychedelics for a while, shall we dear" case Love
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The starkest example of a kind of "rune" or shape that depicted information of some sort was during my last acid trip. I refer to it in the title of my book "Pattern of Existence."

It appeared as a sort of gear-like shape that's inside was overlain with geometric textures and flower-of-light-esque patterns. It changed colors, too, from metallic green and blue to shiny pinks and reds.

It occurred on the tail end of a really bad trip where I thought my friend was trying to kill me. This shape was a kind of visual example of 3-dimensional events, and was demonstrating to me how my relationship with my friend was ultimately leading to this sort of "malicious end."

In that way, the knowledge was somewhat divine because it's intention was preservation of my life. The information was not linguistic, however-it occurred more as understanding (which seems to be a bit of what you're describing).

I consider these kind of "hyper space" objects as similar to mathematical equations, represented as geometry. I am by no means a mathematician, but I know that equations can produce shapes, and I consider these psychedelic shapes to be formed from incredibly complex equations. For example, consider how encompassingly vast an equation for the human experience would be. From chronology, sensory systems, and emotions..

Sacred geometry has been a part of human religion for eons, and I have no doubt that much of that inspiration has come from psychedelia. I really like the example of mandala magic carpets and syrian rue being used to dye them. Could you script a better profundity than entheogens being used to create otherworldly artwork?
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While on mushrooms, I once saw morphing, shifting, multi-coloured letter-runes forming on the hillside opposite. This was made all the more likely by the sheep tracks which were formed by the animals following the contour lines as they walked - a common enough occurrence in hill country. At the time, I wracked my brains trying to read this eidetic neurological feedback, apart from when I was distracted by laughing too much and trying not to slide down the equally steep hillside I was sat on. I wondered for a time whether these glyphs would have meant anything, but in the end they provided a certain level of artistic inspiration for the kinds of forms I like to draw.

Perhaps the linear pixel structure of a screen, like the stripes on the hillside, makes glyphs more likely to seem to have appeared. The tiny resolution of the lines might explain why the glyphs stayed so small. I know that I get after-images from looking at text on-screen. In a tripping state, these after images can have all sorts of interesting effects but there's no need to read too much into them.

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― Jacques Bergier, quoting Fulcanelli
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Instances of runes and glyphs of sorts have permeated almost every trip I've taken since I started using psychs.

I saw recently in a post someone describing "watermarks" on screens, surfaces etc. Totally flipped a switch in my brain on how to effectively describe these strange phenomena. For me, they usually float behind surfaces or atop some intangible film. Tricky to examine closely because they often vanish if I try to focus on them too intently.

On one occasion involving an unweighed dose of mushrooms, I could clearly the Mayan "doomsday" calendar (or my from-memory version, at least) in the pockmarks of the cement in the deep-end of a pool I frequented. The bright halogen light playing off the ripples on the surface seemed to make the giant glyph move in a stop motion, gear-like fashion. I couldn't believe my eyes! Those minutes observing that vision were imbued with a kind of hair raising magic that got squashed when I tried explaining what I was seeing to some friends. "Yeah right" they said Laughing

Most recently, some glyphs came forward on a shag rug in my front room while cruising the sub-breakthrough DMT spaces. They were faces that stayed constant. When I looked away and returned my gaze, there they were. Also presented in a semi-Mayan motif.

The weird part is, is that I see lesser symbols and glyphs in almost EVERYTHING while tripping. Hundreds of these watermarks, reliefs, magic eye squint-to-see-'ems. And they seem to carry such meaning; mysteriously so. What do they mean? No idea. I may as well be reading Ktav Ashuri.
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These runes, glyphs and sigils are one of the most mystifying aspects of the experience for me.

Is there any chance you could make a rough drawing of some of them?

There's a book called Xenolinguistics which is worth a read, but it mostly deals with artistic afterthoughts rather than any attempted cataloguing of these psychedelic symbol systems.

Whenever anybody has a clear vision of these sorts of symbols, assuming they can be depicted with ordinary geometry, try to remember just one of them and sketch it when you get back.

I know this sort of "dimensional smuggling" always seems completely pointless in the moment, but we really should try.

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Here's something that might turn out to be relevant:

It's an online game whereby you score points for selecting sets of letters from a given writing system that have some arbitrary feature in common. The player defines what the common feature is in each round. Defining a novel feature gains extra points which help to unlock different alphabets (scripts).

It looks like fun and I'm going to be giving it a try soon. I'm hoping I'll have an edge what with having seen a good range of glyphs over the years while tripping, even if they did keep moving, changing shape & colour, and shifting between dimensions Very happy

The intro video is probably more exciting than the gameplay, don't expect any animations or soundtrack:

EDIT: Well, I've given it a try and I'm finding the way it makes me think about the characters could in the long run help with 'dimensional smuggling' some of these things back from an experience, although a different version of the game could be optimised as a training tool for that particular purpose. One of the main ideas it developed for me was how easy it is to cheat (no cheating, that's not what it's about!)

“There is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work."
― Jacques Bergier, quoting Fulcanelli
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Reminds me of Allison Grey's work
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birdsarenotreal wrote:
Reminds me of Allison Grey's work

I was just thinking that Diane Slattery's book - Xenlinguistics discusses this very topic at length, and Allison in fact wrote the foreword.
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The dimensional smuggling concept is very interesting. That was actually my intent when i grabbed my iPad. I had opened a completely white screen and had intended to trace over them using the ipencil that was synced up with the iPad. However as i tried to focus on the symbols the neck swelling issue got worse, almost like it was either too much information for me to handle or something was trying to dissuade me from doing so.

Thanks for the books and links. I'm looking forward to checking them out.

I've been reading this article and its really interesting.

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Once had spherical rubix cubes smashed in my face repeatedly. They were all impossibly interlocking and covered in unrecognisable symbols and runes
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