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This was my first time attempting to make an Aya brew. I planned on making 2 doses where each dose would be equivalent to 50g of caapi and 4g of chaliponga.

- 100g of dried Banisteriopsis caapi vine
- 8g of dried Diplopterys cabrerana (Chaliponga)
- 2x medium/large size stainless steel pots (about 5 liters)
- 2x small size stainless steel pots (about 2 liters)
- 2x glass bottles (holds about 1000 ml each)
- 2x glass pitcher (holds about 1500 ml each)
- Funnel with filter
- Distilled white vinegar
- Food weight scale
- Cotton teabags. You might want a couple of large size tea bags for the vine and a couple of smaller size tea bags for the chaliponga. I only had 1 small size tea bags and it took about 11 of these to fit 100g of the vine.
- About 18000 ml of purified water from the fridge. This accounts for 3000 ml per wash (3x) per plant materials (2x).

- Weighed caapi vine (100g) and chaliponga (8g) and put them separately in the 5 liter pots.
- The vine already came pre-shredded and I had to hand shred some of the big pieces but careful not to prick my fingers. I also hand shredded the chaliponga.
- I placed them inside the tea bags and then started the boiling process.
- I did 3 washes for each of the plant materials with 3000 ml of water per wash.
- I added 1 tbsp of vinegar for every wash
- Each wash lasted about 3 hours
- The caapi vine was at high heat on a small/medium burner with the lid closed until it started boiling and I just left the lid slightly ajar after that.
- For the chaliponga, it's the same setup but I had to reduce the heat to medium/high after it started boiling.
- After every wash, I transferred the liquids to a pitcher.
- After the last wash, I discarded the tea bags and added the reductions from the 2 previous washes. Reduced them low enough to fit in the 2 liter pots.
- Before I transferred them to the 2 liter pots, I added 200 ml to one of the 2 liter pots so I'll have a visual indication of the level where I'm supposed to stop the reduction (don't forget to remove the 200ml of water before you transfer the liquids).
- On the final reduction in the 2 liter pots, I kept watch the entire time until I reduced the liquids to about 100-200 ml.
- Transferred the reductions to the glass bottles with a filtered funnel.
- The entire process took about 11-12 hours.


- 198ml of Caapi for 2 doses.
- 52 ml of Chaliponga for 2 doses.


I didn't combine the 2 liquids but drank them separately. Caapi was bitter and Chaliponga was salty. I definitely can smell the vinegar but putting these doses in shot glasses takes out the nasty pungent smell element.

Preparation and Trip:

I'm a vegetarian so it wasn't hard for me to switch to vegan 3 days prior to my trip. The only changes I made to my food preparation were no added salt and pepper with very limited spices.

What I didn't anticipate was the effect of low sodium and strenuous exercise. I was doing fine until the day prior to the planned trip when I felt nauseous and sick after going to the gym. A pinch of salt in my coconut water helped. Next time, I'm going to limit my workouts when I'm on a low sodium diet.

On the day of my trip, I didn't eat anything after lunch. I setup some cushions on the floor, blanket, a puke bucket, kleenex, small trash bag, and a bottle of water.

These are approximations and are based on timestamps from my music playlist (I remember the songs where it happened).

00:00 - 1 dose of Caapi at 100 ml
00:15 - My face felt warm
00:30 - My hands and feet were slightly shaking
00:45 - Purge
01:00 - 1 dose of Chaliponga at 25 ml.
01:10 - Purge

I lost track and was deep into my trip and I purged again somewhere in between.

04:30 - Come down
06:00 - Finally out

Next brew:

- Invest in distilled water
- Test water PH level
- Do not use teabags


Left: Chaliponga
Right: Caapi
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