Question on Max Ion Tek Options
#1 Posted : 5/21/2022 8:12:03 PM
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So I'm a long time member but had to make a new account because previous account info was lost. Can't specifically post in the Max Ion tek thread but figured I'd ask the question here.

This is the first time swim is starting with a large amount closer to 400g bark.

It says in the tek that ingredients shouldn't be doubled based off the bark ratio. It is initially talking about 50-100g. I imagine that information is true for the vinegar, salt and lye amount but not the filtered water that will be used. The water will have to be adjusted by the ratio of the bark used I assume.

If anyone can clear this up for me would really appreciate it.

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Yeah, scaling by weight in this case will give you much higher amounts and a much larger soup than necessary. Your changes are going be primarily volumetric.

You'll need more water to fully saturate the bark, more acidic solution to lower the PH of the entire soup, more lye solution to bring the PH up high enough to release the bark from the plant matter.

Now, I've been meaning to do some research and figure out how to calculate this, but have yet to commit to doing so. One thing that may work is to run two extractions at the same time; one with the recommended starting material of 50-100g, and your 400g run. Notice how much in the 50-100g vessel the water covers the bark, and adjust the volume for 400g to roughly do the same. Adjust the rest of the volumes in the same manner. If you need go add an extra third of the original water amount to cover the 400g, then increased your acidic solution and basic solution by a third as well, for example.

Final note, and just my two cents (feel free to toss em down a well and wish me well Smile ) There seems to be a concensus at the nexus that smaller extractions are generally more efficient and safe.

Good luck.

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The thing about scaling is that surface area increases only as the square, whereas volume increases as the cube. Larger volumes and the associated equipment rapidly becomes cumbersome as the size of extraction increases, and the potential consequences of spillage or mishap also scale as the cube rather than the square, in an only partially metaphorical sense.

Four smaller extractions might be preferable to one large one. Each extraction can then be started or brought on during one of the rest phases of the preceding extractions. This would require careful labeling and a meticulously planned workflow. I'd love to hear someone's account of trying this out.

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