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This topic has been discussed many times, but I want to lay it out the way I think in my head:

So i have some freebase DMT coming, i have a meth pipe ( oil rig ) and i will be getting a torch/jet/turbo lighter. so my question to you all will be .... after i lay down my steps, please tell me if there is anything i can do to improve my first hit.

First i will slowly heat the DMT, getting it into liquid state.
once in liquid state i will apply more heat, get the dmt to bubble and vap.
thats when i will take my first pull.

as/after i pull, i will hold it in, for as long as i can?
As i wait for my second pull, should i keep the lighter on the dmt
or take it off?

repeat step one ?


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Hey buddy,

Welcome to the forum!

A few questions for you before I offer my opinion:

Is this your first time with dmt?
Have you thought about and planned out the setting for the experience?
Will you have someone to sit with you?

Your answers to these very important questions will help me give you the most appropriate advice Thumbs up

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