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#1 Posted : 5/13/2022 5:55:58 PM

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So here we are, ive been thinking about posting for the last few months. Today i thought, f>:K it ( can i swear?) ( if not please tell me ). and I said .... F**k it because i realised that everyone I've talked to about this has just said hummmmm, they dont care or dont understand. so what is the worst that could happen.

So the story so far.... ive have had things fall apart for me the last few years, ive lost everything. and someone gave me a dealer who sold weed, but they also sold mushrooms. Id given up smoking ( cigs ) but i still wanted to get HIGH. so i saw the mushrooms and thought it could be fun. Ive taken most drug before lsd, coke, speed etc etc

so nothing was new to me, but after i ordered 5gs of alacabenzi i started looking into the trips. this led me to discover the world of mushrooms, i was hooked. the idea that i could sort my thoughts and centre myself. Seemed to good to be true, but it did. i controlled my first trip and it changed my world. since then i got into shrooms, took a big dose 6gs on average for four months. and my world changed.

i did 4 months of shroomsm ego death etc, i felt like a new person,

then one day searching shrooms ( i will start growing my own shrooms soon) i found something about DMT. i dont remember how or why, but once i heard about DMT, i thought fSmilek you, it cant be real. i searched everything i could find. the reports cant be true, there is no way something like this is real. if it was, we should be sharing it and changing peoples worlds. but we know this is not how it works.

so the rabbit hole opened, and ive done nothing but research dmt since then. again all i cant think is that it cant be true. and if it is, i cant wait.

since my life is falling apart, ive found a meth pipe, ive got 400mg of dmt coming next week and i want to see the 4th dimeson.

in the end i want to grow shrooms and extract dmt ... and see the life beyond.

in my head this was way deeper and sounded better... but here we are.
fyi, i will ask lots of stupid questions but its only cause i want to learn.

happy to meet you all


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Greetings my friend.

You can certainly find support and knowledge here, even if you have to take a quest to find what resonates specifically with you.

Some logistics: cursing is prohibited, as is talking about sourcing illicit items (click the link in my signature titled "please read this attitude page more than once." After doing so, it would be great if you could edit your post Smile

Also, check the upper right hand corner of the page Pleased

So, wanna hook us up with a trip repot from some of your mushroom endeavors? I'd love to hear about it.

Welcome, and enjoy.

One love
What if the "truth" is: the "truth" is indescernible/unknowable? Then the closest we get is through being true to and with ourselves.

Know thyself, nothing in excess, certainty brings insanity- Delphic Maxims

DMT always has something new to show you Twisted Evil

Question everything... including questioning everything... There's so much I could be wrong about and have no idea...
All posts and supposed experiences are from an imaginary interdimensional being. This being has the proclivity and compulsion for delving in depths it shouldn't. Posts should be taken with a grain of salt. 👽
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