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#1 Posted : 4/15/2022 8:59:04 PM

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Dear nexians, although it is mandatory when making a new thread in the "novel psycho-active substances" subforum, to submit wich substance the thread is mainly about, and also to provide a link to the DMT-nexus wiki page about this substance, i have noticed that this is generally not being done.

I guess that this is mainly because most of you wheren't aware of the existence of this rule, and unfortunately i'll have to admit to all of you, that in the past i have failed this rule myself as well.

At this moment i am going through all the threads in this subforum to create a link to the nexus wiki for each of them. This will take some time though.

It is possible that threads that have not been fixed yet, will be temporarily locked or removed.

For all the future posts that you are going to make in this subforum; please read the post by the traveller first, that says READ THIS


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