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I've made the LSA Kash extraction and here's my repport:

I've bought all the materials (some solvents I had to obtain my self by separation methods focusing on density. I had good results in terms of ingredients) and bought only 30 seeds of Argyreia Nervosa aka HBWR and made all the processes. The final result was really a VERY weak extract. Kash's tutorial said to make with 100 seeds, I've made with 30. Besides that, The final step (to dissolve the remaining material in water) I think I had to do it longer. As it was my first time doing this extract it was a little messy and unorganized also, I want to document the full steps with photos in a future post.

Trip report:
1. Initially I've ingested only 6 drops of my extract just to check if it had any toxicity. 30 minutes passed and I was fine. Time to get the real LSA vibes.

2. Later i've ingested more 40 drops and started to feel different. Nothing too special happened.

3. more 20 drops and I felt a little sleepy but nothing really happened. After that I was a bit frustrated so I started to play video games (I was playing Visage: really creepy horror game, but as I wasn't expecting the LSA to kick in it wasn't a problem)

I think I had more energy after the sleepy state. The effects were like if I was microdosing. I'll try with a greater amount of seeds and make the step by step post with photos in a near future.
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