Yoga and Psychedelics Options
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In the 1960's, Timothy Leary coined the phrase "set and setting", referring to one's mind set and one's external setting.

All too often, the mind "set" is interpreted passively - be in a good mood, or at best, perhaps have an "intention". Rarely is it interpreted in terms of skillset.

Yet shamanism is a practice based on a variety of skillsets. Drumming, dancing, chanting, singing, and more.

Nick Sand, the inventor of orange sunshine LSD and the most prolific user of smoked/injected DMT in history, in his writings and recorded talks saw this as an issue. He spoke about how active practice was necessary for psychedelic use to reach its highest potential. He said you can just "take them, and take them, and take them", but this reaches a plateau.

This plateau is where Alan Watts said to "hang up the phone", which is a statement that only makes sense in the context of passive, inactive use. A shaman would cock an eyebrow and say, "Then how will I perform my work?". Receiving "messages" is a limited understanding of psychedelic use.

We are currently in what is being called the "psychedelic renaissance", yet medicine does not seem to have moved far beyond the passive model - in clinical settings, psychedelics are being administered to blindfolded subjects who listen to music with headphones on.

I want active, skill-based use to become part of the conversation. My personal practice is anapanasati meditation. It is an excellent practice. However, to use it successfully with psychedelics, some real dedication is necessary. I meditate three hours daily, and have for many years. I can meditate on psychedelics successfully, and it is profound - but most people would find it too challenging. Nick Sand found success with this, by the way.

So, what else can we do? Of course, there are the traditional shamanic practices, usually based on repetitive activity spanning many hours (drumming, dancing, singing, etc.).

I would also like to suggest something else that Sand reported success with - yoga!

I use the term "yoga" to refer not to the more complex history of the word, but just the common Western idea of it - a series of poses and stretches.

Yoga is much more accessible than meditation - it is immediate, it is tangible - the somatic bodily component makes it very available to people. I have done it with success - I spent a full day at a hot yoga studio on LSD and let me tell you, when I walked out of that studio after taking several classes back to back, the world was as pristine as a Pixar animated cartoon. Wow! Totally changed the experience, it was a deep purification process.

There are other things. Qigong, Tai Chi - but the thing I'd like to point to basically is some sort of bodily meditative practice that a person can dive into immediately with psychedelic assistance.

THAT, in my opinion, should be the focus of the next stage in the psychedelic renaissance. Skillset.

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Thank you for sharing.

Medicinal Mindfulness actually has "skillset" as one of the available trip factors to consider in their psychedelic programs. May be something that'll interest you.

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WOW, I love these guys!

"Most in the psychedelic community know the concept of “set and setting,” which refers to having the right mindset and the right setting in which to take psychedelic journeys. But what’s missing from this equation, in our estimation, is skill. Journeyers are often not taught how to navigate these experiences, so they are at the mercy of the medicine."

I have been saying this for five years now, so this is REALLY encouraging! Yes yes yes yes yes!

Although, the skills they describe, "to breathe, to focus, to stay present during difficult experiences, to surrender when that’s what’s called for, to engage with the spirit of the plant, and to manifest and integrate after the journey" --- I think are still limited.
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I'd also like to mention that, while I believe all psychedelics would be good for yoga, the two best candidates in a public setting that was not aware/would not be cool with you tripping, would be psilocybin and LSD, because neither causes nausea (compared with ibogaine, mescaline, ayahuasca, or 5-MeO-DMT or 5-HO-DMT taken orally with harmalas). Puking in a public yoga studio ain't good.

Between the two, I think LSD would be more suitable, for the simple reason that LSD has such a physically stimulating quality to it compared to mushrooms. Channeling that physical energy into a practice like yoga would probably be the most ideal form of LSD meditation.
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Bruh. I think these dudes read one of my posts from 2019. It got 11,600 views.

Um, if these dudes got the phrasing and articulation of this idea from my old post....

THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!! I would LOVE IT if that idea got picked up and absorbed in the psychedelic renaissance conversation! My GOD the internet can be cool. DMT-Nexus RULES!

(This is the old post I made from 2019);t=92571&find=unread
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Good evening all, reviving this topic as I have gathered some experiential knowledge on this subject. So first of all, it is important to understand that yoga means union. Union is achieved through meditation. I am actually practicing as a meditation coach and doing free workshops in my area. Having said that, I took a long break from psychs while practicing kriya yoga, and exploring Hinduism, devotion, and deep spirituality. I was going through something not too long ago and decided to take the plunge back into my special batch of changa, and had a full on emotional purge and spontaneous kriyas. My body decided to do the fluttering breath on its own, perfectly, and with much force, then my head jerked back, mouth jerked open, and the energy released. That's when the emotional purge started. Deep guttural sobs, and my body was squeezing out the karma so to speak. So, back to the OP's reference of yoga; I am assuming it is the asanas and stretching varieties that are being referenced. Yes, the body does keep the score, and I love doing flow classes every now and then, and I can certainly see how these movements, in conjunction with medicines, would certainly be able to provide some profound healing. The one thing that will always be the MOST powerful is union or samadhi. I myself have experienced early stages of savikalpa samadhi (losing yourself in Yourself) through the practice of kriya yoga (Lahiri lineage) and deep meditation. Once you are able to consciously access these realms that the medicine introduces us to, healing is going to happen. I hope this comment helps advance the discussion and I would love to talk more about it.


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How does one meditate for three hours???
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