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Commercial Salvia Spray - does that make sense? Options
Brennendes Wasser
#1 Posted : 2/8/2022 8:54:58 PM

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I was browsing around and found that you can buy Salvia Spray. So it seems to be some extract, stuffed into a spraying bottle. Reading that description told to simply spray in mouth.

Now after also playing around with Salvia Extraction years ago I thought that using the pure Stuff does not do anything beneficial except smoking / vaping.

I remember there were people telling it seems only if at all advisable to quid (never heard this word before) the whole leaves and then you might get an effect.
Using some straight extracted powder in contrast would do basically nothing, even when pure and administered at the "proper" dosage. Something in the herbs would help pharmacodynamics to even achieve a reliable uptake into body.

So now is that spray just a huge scam? Or at least just producing slightly high feelings, like chewing on 1 HBWR?

At least I was thinking I should give this whole thing another try. A lab colleague has some Cyclodextrin which he used for something completely different.

Any chance I could make a spray with

A) Salvinorin A + Cyclodextrin in Water

B) Salvinorin A in Ethanol? Using Wine for quidding was said to promote uptake by far, compared to water

Anybody who used this or knows why it would terribly fail / succeed? Any idea if that spray would also likely use this kind of methods if it would even be active?

I really hate smoking and after being shot with 1000 km/h through space and time in Vondel-Park, Amsterdam, years ago I feel like I might just use a slower paced administration route with this stuff in future, if at all.

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#2 Posted : 2/8/2022 9:47:50 PM


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We had some success with salvinorin and | High Pobability of Braindamage by Creepy non tested Drugs (forced by scammer 69ron) |.

I think the most promising results were from combining salvinorin it with simple cornstarch. Zebbie has a thread discussing this. Some of the green stuff carried over from IPA extraction may be needed.

If I were to test this again I would start with salvinorin + cornstarch.
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#3 Posted : 2/10/2022 3:31:53 PM

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I think nearly pure alcohol was used (and required) for some tincture formulations, not sure about sprays. Daniel Siebert had one. Supposedly it burned the mouth but was effective.
#4 Posted : 2/14/2022 5:25:18 AM

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I've had way more success just chewing the leaves or making tea than using an alcohol extract. The alcohol stings and that is distracting imo.
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