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#1 Posted : 1/8/2022 11:55:34 PM

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So i decided to vape some dmt while on a tab of LSD, i took a few hits and paced around the hallways i had tunnel vision and mad tracers. glad i did this combo. added some penis envy shrooms to the mix to spice things up. Working on art for hours. happy trip to all. this is kinda the entity i saw sort of like this.

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
#2 Posted : 1/9/2022 3:56:54 AM

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I had one of the most amazing DMT breakthru to date vaping 45 mg full spectrum mimosa extract ("jungle spice"Pleased on the tail end of experiencing 400ug.

I became solid 2d sheets of color, one color after the other, it was insane.
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#3 Posted : 1/11/2022 5:54:48 PM

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That's my monthly treatment. 250ug LSD, 3.5g Psilocin tea and DMT. Works awesome. Very effective.
#4 Posted : 1/12/2022 10:14:21 PM

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Less is more for me. I don't like to microdose nor shoot for heroic doses to keep the synapses fresh. 150 mcg LSD and 20 mg vaped DMT 2 hours into the LSD will reliably break me through evertime.
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