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Hi !

It is by reading the presentation of hedge that I wanted to share an experience, so not to interfere with his thread I allow myself to open this one.

null24 wrote:
I wonder how many of us have similar childhood pre-drug experimentation with changing consciousness experiences? I can definitely relate.
(see here)

Kid, I loved it! It happened with adolescence.
I have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. It is a temporary attack in some cases (caused by a bacteria for example) and in rarer cases (like me) we do not know where it comes from, very often it is linked to migraines, and it is less temporary: D
During "crises" I have a visual distortion. Generally, patients see a shrink to learn to accept and not to be afraid, the causes of the disease are sought to put an end to it.
Me ... I spent all my childhood playing with it, having fun with the feelings of anguish linked to the visuals, I had even found how to trigger crises on purpose. Every night when I went to bed, I had my little trip.
I lost this "gift" during adolescence. Nostalgia, frustration, bitterness ... I never accepted "no longer seeing".
A miracle happened after I took LSD for the first time this year. I was surprised to see Alice's visual effects again. The crises are much more difficult to manage, generally I do not trigger them voluntarily, that I can no longer do, but I need a particular "set and setting" and always the same, so I can still try to provoke it through this bias.

I will be curious to read similar experiences, or stories from your childhood exploring unusual worlds.


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Hi, I saw this thread as well and it has brought back psychedelic childhood memories, so thank you for starting this one.

First of all I want to mention that I never heard of the Alice in wonderland syndrome. I am intrigued as it's one of my favorite books. Can you describe your experience a little closer?

I am asking as I can remember some very psychedelic moments I had between the age of about 4-10. I would suddenly feel "out of place". Everything around me felt unreal, a bit like being in a dream state. As far as I can remember, I didn't have visual distortions. It was just a peculiar feeling that came very suddenly, lasted for a few minutes and was gone just as quickly. I can remember these moments very vividly to this day. I never really mentioned it to anyone, so it has never been analized by anyone other than myself. I wasn't freaked out when it happened.

Then of course there are the visions I had when I had high fevers. These seem to be more common as I heard many people had them as a child. need to worry...
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I've also experienced this "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome".

The first time I encountered the sensation, it was a feature of a nightmare I had as a child. I was being chased around a huge, dark, warehouse-like vault by some creature that behaved like a manic cartoon character. Every time I bumped into it, I'd feel either impossibly big or impossibly small, or somehow both simultaneously. It was really annoying.

Since then, I've occasionally had it while lying in bed at night. When it occurs, I can engage and increase the level of the sensation at will, and it'll feel like I'm so huge that I'm a thousand times the size of the bed. I remember my arm (draped over the side of the bed) feeling like a gigantic tendril extending for miles.

Much weirder than that, I have a vague but definite memory of something from early childhood. At first I thought it was a children's TV show, but now I know that it was psychedelic. I remember gliding through a pitch black, contoured environment with neon-coloured objects or patterns covering its surfaces. There were strange creatures in this place as well.

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From what I understand Alice in Wonderland syndrome is typified by viewing objects as either disproportionately large, OR small.
I didn’t know that there was more to it.
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