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#1 Posted : 12/2/2021 10:46:13 PM
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Dear Nexians,
I am once again coming here for an advice
I am looking for an atomizer for 510 tread vape
Here I was advised with DCV4, however it appeared that it does not support herbs

May you suggest device for 510 vape which will be suitable for DMT ( that’s the main thing) as well as for wax ( concentrates ) , herbs and hash
Would be great if that’s was cheap too
Looking forward to hearing from you
Stay safe!


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#2 Posted : 12/3/2021 4:24:23 PM

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Ive been using 'medical grade' full ceramic cartridges but I honestly think the Ccell cartridges are just as good. I don't use PG with them, I mix it with CBC at a ratio of 3 parts DMT to 1 part CBC on a scientific hot plate at 80* C for 30 minutes. In my experience the CBC slightly potentiates it, the CB2 receptor must have some MAOI property or something is released from the brain upon the binding from CBC that leads to this. I also have a Cerebus tank but need some Vaporesso GT Ccell cores for it, I have one but I used it to vape oxycodone with a few years ago (that's where I started my journey to the bottom. Walking around in public and discreetly vaping oxycodone is so all bad, within 4 months I had attempted suicide and got sober) so it's contaminated and needs replaced.
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