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#1 Posted : 8/22/2020 7:15:50 AM

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Substance: 2.5+ years dried Amanita muscaria cap powder, boiled in H2O
Experience: Shulgin Scale (++)

The dose was low. Visual geometry overlay was barely present, and manifested as more of a pressure 'behind the eyes'. Despite little visuals activity, mental processes were facilitated, imaginative poweors enhanced. The head had a fast pulsating wave oscillation sensation, which I connected to the increased flux of mental images without effort. The pulses were ~30Hz.

Accompanied with my usual evening reading, this time of buddhism, at T+2, which was a follow up of reading done at T-10, the inner landscape was starting to form nicely. The idea which I focused on as I meditated on my fast pulse sensation in my head was a buddhist concept, one of the Brahma Vihara: Upekṣā उपेक्खाा (a meditative state of equanimity, serenity)

When I went to sleep at T+5, I had a vision of rainbow flames made of truth extending from the core of my brain outwards, with eyes in their pear/body. There was a vibrating sound similar to when you hold a ruler at the edge of the table and make it vibrate, periodically. The eyed flames were accompanied by the following mental construct: the sense of awareness is universal (as Buddhism says), but my own experience comes from the senses, and is personal. There are an infinity of experiences that consciousness can have, and I am only one of them, but when I remove the senses I become connected to all of them. There was also an expanding blackness which had rainbow colors only on the rim of the periphery, similar to the cell membrane of a hyphae. The bulk of its body was black.

These were some aspects of the experience that remained, and it was not the first time I encountered them. A potent consciousness altering substance that I like very much.

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Thank you for sharing.

Amanita has always been deep in my curiosity ever since i was a child. I have played around with it multiple times, never really experienced anything significant but never really had a dose over 5 grams.. but there is definitely something going on behind the scenes, I don't mind micro-dosing it though, something definitely speaks peace/zen/easeness of being with these mushrooms. I notice it more when i smoke it, it somehow makes me feel more at peace with myself mostly playing around 0.5 - 2g. Definitely keen on 7 - 10g soup one weekend.

The mushroom itself is the most delicious mushroom i have ever tried, but the tea i don't like at all, unless you add salt and soup herbs/mixes to it.

I also tried it raw once, just a bite, and it made me extra alert and awake, senses felt heightened like good coffee but without any jitters or negatives. Guessing this is due to the Ibotenic acid. Maybe this is why Vikings used it before battle? The Limitless drug?

I heard tinctures and extracts are the way to go.
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