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#1 Posted : 11/7/2021 12:10:30 PM

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Hey there dear community,

I was wondering if many people vomit with this route of administration?
Even without any MAOI I need to puke in some point when I'm really high.
Also tears just start running out of my eyes in a somewhat unusual amount. This is very bodily and I was just wondering if it's normal with higher (for me) doses. Worked my way up during the years and can handle more vapor than earlier but as the psychological effects become stronger so do the physical ones. I also had burning sensations and pain which I had no clue could be this "real" if you know what I mean.


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the tears waterfalls (without sorrow) I recognize very much, but happens lesser as of late...
Same goes for the eternal deep and loooong yawnings...
I always thought of them as very healthy, as resetting-energy acts.

Only felt to vomit of tripping too hard, seldom cases though.

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Around ten years ago I spent a lot of time administering DMT to my friends and acquaintances. Out of the 15 or so people I introduced it to I only saw one person projectile vomit after using and they had drank a large amount of Red Bull energy drinks and were just generally an unhealthy individual to begin with.

Personally, I have only vomited one time using psychedelics and it was a high dose of mushrooms mixed with orange juice and I'd almost guarantee it was more so the orange juice that was causing it.
If I was vomiting every time I took a substance, I'd cease using said substance but that is just my point of view.

Here is a article detailing how health issues and anxiety disorders in general will cause nausea.

Hope this helps .
#4 Posted : 11/7/2021 7:50:16 PM

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Yup sure do!

There have been times where no matter if it's vaping freebase or smoalking changa, at some point an uncontrollable purge is necessary. I seem to be moving out of that now as the last few times I've done just DMT I have not needed to purge, and the last several times with changa, I've either not purged or only done so a little.

I will second the notion put forth by SIB that certain psychological states and conditions will lead to increased nausea. I have generally high anxiety from high sensitivity, have a sensitive gut, and hold a fair amount of stress in my stomach. So it's been a work in progress learning how to manage it in all situations, in regular life and psychedelic states.

When sitting/guiding others, it also happens occasionally. I tend to keep a bucket with a few drops of essential oils in it around whenever DMT is going to be used, whether by me or someone else.

Ocular waterfalls are common for me, and yawning too.

If I may, try focusing and breathing into and through the sensations involved in vomiting, just allowing them to be, withholding usual judgements that come about when this occurs, but still seeing how long you can stave them off. It's easier said than done and takes practice, but with diligence, it does work.

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This also happens to me from time to time. I’m starting to think it’s from my body temp spiking up. The last couple times I started feeling nauseous I lifted my arms up to expose my pits to air, or removed any blankets. I started feeling much better as I cooled down. So that’s my trick to help prevent the ol barf in the bucket.
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#6 Posted : 11/8/2021 4:37:05 AM
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Never have purged on changa, eleaf or vaping. Oddly enough I've never purged on aya vine in combination with any of the various dmt-based admixtures either. The only time that's ever came close for me [and somewhat unrelated to the OP's title] was with 4.5g rue tea in combination with some some freebase dmt [think it was around 80mg fb dmt]. But with vaping dmt or any of the smoked preps, even my deepest/strongest experiences with vaping dmt or smoking changa have never made me purge.

I've surely cried pretty intensely several times from a few big experiences from years past, so there's that. But outside of that, nope.

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Serotonin surges can definitely cause nausea and purging. It hasn't happened to me with DMT, I used to purge occasionally on PCP though. I've noticed I get more nausea the older I get. When I was 20 and 30 I had an ironbelly and taking dangerous amounts and combinations of things that make everyone sick didn't make me sick in the least. Now I get nauseous from a gram of mush sometimes.
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#8 Posted : 11/14/2021 1:11:07 PM

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I don't think I've ever vomited or felt nauseous smoking N,N-DMT either by itself or in combination with harmala alkaloids but I've definitely come close at times on rue and mimosa tea, especially ill prepared, dirty, and unfiltered brews. Lying down seems to help out a lot and cannabis if you got / consume it.

The tear production however is very prominent and its not just specific to N,N-DMT or the harmala alkaloids but a vast array of serotonergic drugs I've taken including: sertaline (SSRI), cocaine (SNDRI) and psilocybin. The tears are also often accompanied by a lot of yawning and a bit of bruxism.
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I never vomited with DMT aerosolization, even never felt nauseous. Also never vomited by smoking changa. The only time the aerosolized DMT made me vomit was very recently, and it was associated with overdosed harmalas (Syrian Rue tea) and a bad diet. That said, with harmalas, the nauseous feeling is very present compared to DMT alone, on several occasions I thought I was going to vomit but smoking on a joint helped me dispel the nausea, except this time.
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I purged first time on LSD all those years ago. It wasn't nausea so much as momentary panic and shock at how high I was. Since then, other than cactus and aya analogue I haven't purged on a psychedelic.

Only person I've seen purge on vaped dmt had already been drinking. I advised against it, but noooooooo... Rolling eyes
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