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Easy and nausea free preparation for LSA Options
#1 Posted : 11/14/2021 11:49:37 AM

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So, compared to other tryptamines LSA seems like the least popular option. Most experience reports tell that the use is commonly accompanied by intense nausea, which makes makes this substance unappealing.

I have now had several sessions with morning glory seeds and I believe they are useful. However, there are actions you must take to make the experience pleasant.

First, the seeds you buy should specifically sold as untreated, that they don't contain any fungicides. Then, there are apparently some compounds besides the LSA that are responsible for the nausea and they need to be washed. According to one theory there are some cyanogenic compounds that cause nausea, but others say that the amounts are too little to cause any effect. Anyway, using clean naphta (white gas) seems to dissolve whatever unwanted compounds there are with these seeds.

This is what I did
1. Grind 2,5 g of morning glory seeds
2. Soak them in naphta, a magnetic stirrer is very good, but shaking the jar every five minutes for about 20 minutes might be good enough.
3. Pour away the naphta, use big coffee filters if you wish
4. Let all residual naphta evaporate in a well ventilated space so.
5. Make a capsule full of lemon essential oil and take it.
6. Take the seeds.
7. Prepare for slow come down and effects lasting up to 8-9 hours (after ingesting). If you take more, say 5-7 grams you may get nausea, but it should be over after two hours.

Unlike LSD or psilocybin, LSA seems to have very little visual effect. The headspace is LSD-like, but it's less insightful and kind of makes you more sensitive your surroundings. I believe this could work very well in a rave setting, especially on low dose like the 2,5 g. With bigger doses it can be taxing and you should plan what you want to do under the influence. Doing something casual like playing games could work very well, since it seems to intensify the feeling. It may intensify feelings of anxiety too and may not be the best option to work with difficult feelings.

These are my thoughts after having about half dozen experiences. Please, share your thoughts, if you are familiar with this.

My preferred method:
Very easy pharmahuasca recipe

My preferred introductory article:
Just a Wee Bit More About DMT, by Nick Sand

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