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#21 Posted : 9/25/2021 11:33:11 PM
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Grey Fox wrote:
All the best with your Macrogonus ShamanisticVibes! I think you will have a strong connection with them after raising them from seed. I hope they reward you well!

By the way "Macrogonus" is sometimes used as a catch-all descriptor for plants that fall somewhere in between Pachanoi and Peruvianus in appearance. There is actually a lot of variety in terms of what Macrogonus can look like. Just because the one I have isnt super strong doesnt mean that yours wont be. I wish you good luck with yours.

Thank you very much, Grey Fox!

Apologies, Jingamin, my intent was to learn a bit, myself, not to lead your post astray. It seems our conversation is finished anyway Big grin Back to business!
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#22 Posted : 9/26/2021 2:16:57 PM

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I'm so sorry guys, but you've strayed off topic.
I didn't ask for their species. Because we already know that the strongest of the species is bridgesii.

I asked you to comment on hybrid species. for example; SS02, Eileen, Juuls giant.

I'm curious about the strongest trichocereus hybrid you've tried, write them down.
#23 Posted : 10/8/2021 9:01:18 PM

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What's up, jingamin? Your post deletions have really detracted from the value of this thread. That's a shame.

I asked you to comment on hybrid species. for example; SS02, Eileen, Juuls giant.

This is now a moot point, considering you've deleted the request. Thumbs down

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