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#1 Posted : 6/26/2021 9:20:07 PM

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Warning: it's dangerous to bioassay unknown plants without at least TLC (and ideally LC-MS), as they may contain toxins.

TL;DR: Twigs with phyllodes are active!

I've sampled an extract from a 2-year old specimen growing in my yard. This year it started flowering for the first time.
I harvested twigs and phyllodes around late May (?); after a few days of rain, which I know generally is a bad choice, but I didn't want to wait for a spell of sunny and dry weather.

I didn't weigh it, as it was meant to be a quantitative rather than qualitative test, which allowed me to do an incomplete extraction. But I'd estimate it as being between 100-200 grams fresh.
I boiled it once, maybe twice, can't remember and I didn't take notes.

Then reduced, added salt, based with lye, pulled with warm fresh naphtha a few times and backsalted it with vinegar; then reduced that to ~15 ml.
The naphtha clouded and the backsaltings were a pale yellow.

I tested it with Ehrlich, Mecke and Marquis. They all gave results consistent with DMT, but the Ehrlich was a very pale red/pink. I thought it was not concentrated enough, but then realized the reagent was old (~1 year from opening; stored in the freezer), so that could have been another explanation.

I didn't know what a good dose would be, so I started low and worked my way up.

The first 2 attempts (7 and 22 drops, respectively), didn't show much promise. The 3rd and last attempt (4.5ml) was successful. It was definitely active.

I took 190 mg harmalas orally and plugged 4.8 ml of the extract (I chose that ROA to make it quicker and shorter, in case I got in some kind of trouble). Then I went to work in the garden without expecting much would happen. While working, suddenly a wave washed over me; the oh-so-familiar "Uh oh, something is coming on" feeling I get when aya starts to work.

I went inside the house, lay in bed and pulled a warm blanket over me. I don't get cold on harmalas alone, only with classical psychedelics in the mix, so that was a good sign.

It felt like DMT, but less visual for the intensity of the other effects (perhaps most notably the physical ones). So maybe it's something other than DMT, or maybe this ROA is less visual (I may have read something about that...)

I still have some left and would be interested in getting it tested by LC-MS. If that happens and confirms it's DMT and there is nothing toxic in it, I will bioassay it orally and maybe try a harvest from a sunny spell.

The tree has become a bit of a weed, it's growing so fast. I was thinking of getting rid of it, but now, having seen it's active, I'll definitely keep it.

Next up is my Acacia floribunda; I've just collected a bag of twigs with phyllodes.
After that - maidenii and acuminata, but they're small, so maybe next year.

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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Hello Jagube,

what a promising result. Thanks for testing!
Would be really great if you could test the extract in the lab.

Retinodes is really fast growing and available in many countries outside of Australia.

Keep up the good work Smile
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Hey Jagube.. thats a very promising result! .. I remember years ago there was an acacia that I tested which upon the first few goes had little more than tryptamine like physical effects and strange sleep paralysis that night.. it wasnt until months later that I pulled it out again and the experience was far more intense and I realised I had a DMT containing extract all along.. I either didnt give enough care vaping it or didnt have a high enough dose .. some acacias have a fairly low amount of DMT compared to other well known sources.. but not so low that the target experience isn't attainable.. so an extract with say 30% dmt will obviously require a higher dose.. but also can be much richer due to whatever else is in that remaining 70%..

Just thought I would add that as minimal effects can be decieving.. if it has tryptamine-like effects its very likely that you just got a very low dose of dmt
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Very interesting.

How sure are you that the tree is A. Retinodes? Where I live this (similar?) tree has been misapplied as A. Retinodes whereas its true identity is likely A. Provincialis.

Here is a fascinating log of extraction and trip report done on A. Provinicialis. Yatqiri reports a trip that takes 20-30 min to peak. Note the debate Nen had with Wira on tree ID
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Woolmer wrote:
How sure are you that the tree is A. Retinodes? Where I live this (similar?) tree has been misapplied as A. Retinodes whereas its true identity is likely A. Provincialis.

It was sold as such.
A. retinodes flowers in the warmer months and it's flowering now and has been on and off since April.
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